Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Musings--21 January 2013

Right's 11:00, and we are having something of a lazy day.  After our morning prayers, I told the kids that if they can do some productive reading, we'll take the day off from workbooks and worksheets.

This weekend...was busy, but not bad.  On Saturday we went into Bowling Green early to go to Aldi and Wal-Mart for groceries.  I was happy to find a number of organic things being carried by Aldi, and I hope that they keep them in stock!  I do all the shopping I can at Aldi, and then fill in at Wal-Mart what Aldi doesn't carry.  We got home by lunch, and Bret went off to help my brother-in-law move my mom's washing machine.  At home, I put away groceries and baked a couple of Bavarian Apple Cakes (so simple and so good!) for Sunday, and made dinner.

Yesterday we went to the Chapel of Divine Mercy for Mass and afterwards went to my sister's to hang out. Bret and my brother-in-law shot skeet and my sister and I looked at photo albums together.  It was a nice time, and the kids really enjoyed themselves, too.

Some plans for this week:  well, today I am beginning phase one of cleaning my kitchen.  It's overdue.  I keep it relatively tidy, but I need to really clean the cook-top, wipe down cabinets and get behind things.  I am also hoping to read aloud to the kids for a while, and then work on the second of a pair of socks I am knitting.  I really enjoy sock knitting, and I'm looking forward to doing another pair!  As for the rest of the week, I hope to finally get the Christmas stuff out of my workroom and back into the attic space, report the kids' first semester grades to our umbrella school, make dental appointments (yes, I was supposed to do this last week) and make sure I have what I need for Adrian's birthday coming up in less than two weeks.

If I have some time for myself, I would like to...knit, make some more birdseed "cookies" for our feathered friends outside (recipe courtesy of The Magic Onions).  I have also been trying to go through our digital photos to pick out those I want to get printed.  I have gone through about 30 folders so far...only about 300 or so left to go through!

I am grateful much.  Today was the first morning in ages that Una woke up not feeling rotten, and that make me very happy.

Some prayer intentions for this week:  for a peaceful, productive week; for my sister and my nephew, Matthew; for Una to be finally over this cycle of fibromyalgia nastiness; for vocations to the Fathers of Mercy.

Something that makes me smile:  I went through yesterday thinking that it was the we missed Sebastian's nameday!  We'll have to make up for it today!

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  1. So glad Una is feeling better. I read her Sunday Musings... she is such a lovely girl. And, oh my, Miss Gemma is a beauty! Happy week! +JMJ+


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