Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The stars on her mantle and in the December sky

Few things are as evocative of the 9 years I spent in Tucson, Arizona as it the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Perhaps only saguaro cacti are more so.  Our Lady, in that representation, appeared everywhere: in grocery store windows, in colorful tiles by front doors, even tattooed on young Hispanics.

I am hoping to read this beautiful book on Our Lady of Guadalupe to the kids today.  Adrian also received this lovely pop-up book from his Godparents.

Gabriel has an interest in the night sky, and tonight--12/12/12--is the peak of the Geminid meteor shower, one of the best of the year.  We've clear skies, a moonless night, and look forward to spotting a few, although we'll have to bundle up to stay out for any length of time, as the low will be 25 degrees tonight.  Somehow my mind keeps making a connection between the falling stars and those on the Blessed Mother's mantle.

I don't have EWTN, but I found The Cloak of Juan Diego on GodTube, and am embedding the three parts here for your viewing pleasure (and for my kids as well!).

And for those of you whose kids enjoy stargazing, this is a fabulous book, (by the author of the Curious George stories, no less!) and I found a couple of good online resources here and here.

.The Cloak of Juan Diego - EWTN Special - Part: 1 of 3 from objektivonemusic on GodTube.

The Cloak of Juan Diego - EWTN Special - Part: 2 of 3 from objektivonemusic on GodTube.

The Cloak of Juan Diego - EWTN Special - Part: 3 of 3 from objektivonemusic on GodTube.

Sorry I haven't made much of an appearance here this week--just busy with Advent!

One more thing:  I would like to call your attention to a fantastic, huge, giveaway on Small Things.  It isn't your usual giveaway, it is to help a family that is being forced to leave their home this month, a family with young children and no money.  Please, please check it out!

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  1. i love our lady. you are so right it is all over tucson. i miss that. being up in phoenix, you don't see it too much.


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