Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How many days 'til Christmas?

That's the question I have to answer several times a day...

I'm fading fast here, people...it's that wicked thief of sleep, insomnia, and I have managed to run all day--well, I ought to say drag around all day--on three hours of sleep.  I awoke to the sound of Gemma using the bathroom at 1:30 a.m., and that was it for me.  I prayed for a while, took some homeopathic stuff, played a few games of Spider Solitaire on the computer and tried to return to sleep.  To no avail.  I finally got up at 4:10 and did my morning prayers and reading, and finished a hat for a friend's grandbaby.

Now I am yawning every half-minute, and wondering if the kids will have scrambled eggs or oatmeal for dinner.  Whatever it will be, I won't be cooking it.

The past seven days have been a flurry of packing up Etsy sales, making gifts, knitting gifts, wrapping gifts, last-minute ordering of gifts, baking cookies, mailing cards and making space in my workroom for "Christmas Central".  Today I was forced to slow down.  I moved through the day in slow motion, tidying my yarn stash, wrapping a few things, baking some easy cookies.  I listened to this CD and dozed off in my chair for 15-20 minutes.

The snowflakes above were made using the instructions here.  Really easy and fun for the kids to see, although the boys immediately began to think about dropping Lego men and other things into the solution.

G'night, folks...

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  1. I've missed you! My favorite place to visit in the blog-o-sphere! Sleep well, my friend... I will pray for a good night! +JMJ+


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