Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Musings--12 November 2012

Right is 5:50 a.m., and it is very dark and very rainy out.  I'm pretty tired, having gone to bed at about 10:30, then awakened just after 2, and not fallen asleep again until 3:30 or thereabout.  I tried to pray the rosary, but kept thinking about how I haven't purchased even a single Christmas gift so far!  It will be a lean Christmas anyway, so I need to make certain that the few gifts that are given truly bring some joy to the kids.

This weekend...was lovely, weather-wise.  So mild and sunny!  There won't be too many days like that anymore this year.  Bret was particularly busy on Saturday, hauling hay over here for the cows, having my brother-in-law fix his truck, making a trip to the dump and to the Mennonite community, and then doing a little work on the house, putting up siding.  I did housework and made a few pre-Advent lists, cleaned and organized my spice drawer and looked up a couple of recipes.  I made a stir-fry for dinner,and Bret delighted me by bringing home a large leg of venison, bagged by a neighbor.  We cut it into a couple of roasts and some steaks, which are marinating right now in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic and herbs...

Yesterday the ride to Mass was very lovely, grocery shopping afterward was not, and putting away groceries and church clothes was a drag, but at least there was a nice pot roast in the slow cooker, so I made some mashed potatoes and cooked some yellow beans Bret had picked out at the Mennonites, and dinner was lovely.  Afterwards we watched parts two and three of The American Experience: The Depression.  So well made--it really gives you a taste of what America was like during those years...

Some plans for this week:  this morning I still have to pack up a sword and shield for an Etsy shop customer, pay a bill, and get everyone up and ready for a trip into Gallatin.  I have a dental appointment, and we are going to hit the thrift shops.  It seems that someone always needs something, and Gemma is outgrowing her pants and dresses and could use a jacket, Sebastian is too tall for most of his pants, and Una could certainly use a few things, too.  Sweaters, long-sleeved tops and such.  I could use things myself, but by the time I have gone through the kids racks, I have no strength left for looking in the ladies clothes!  I have to get a few gifts ordered and look about for ideas for others.  I love making things, so I will look through my various craft links and bookmarks and see what I can find.  I have to get together with my sister to plan for Thanksgiving, too.

If I can find some time for myself, I would like to...cast on a hat or mitts (Christmas gifts for the boys); finish a few watercolor sketchbooks for the shop and make a few little St. Nick dolls and tree ornaments, also for the shop.

I am grateful family; my community of faith (it is nice to know a few sane people in this insane world!); for the fact that Dominic never needed so much as a dose of ibuprofen since leaving the hospital after his hernia surgery; for Bret having work precisely when we have the most expenses during the year and having a really great employer who lets him take off for family obligations, and for a little venison..

A few prayer intentions for this week: for the Holy Souls; for our veterans; for our country; and for Kimberlee (happy, happy birthday, O kindred spirit o' mine!); for my Godson, whose birthday is Thursday.

Something that makes me smile:  No photo, but Gemma participating in her brothers' Nerf Gun war last night, and all the cool poses she strikes when firing off a shot!

Have a blessed week!

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  1. Aw, I would have loved to have seen photos of that! Have a good week. +JMJ+


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