Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Frosty morning. And overload.

This morning has been the start of One of Those Days.  It began with my computer locking up--couldn't get anything but a black screen and a cursor.  I am grateful I spent the $9.95 for the Rescue Disk from Avast, as it got me back on track.

As if trouble with one computer isn't enough, Una couldn't get into her Teaching Textbooks this morning, and we had to call up the company for assistance.  We followed their suggestions, but in the end, we had to uninstall and reinstall the program.  We lost her grades from the last quarter, but I'm pretty sure she has a B average, as she always tells me what she gets on her lessons and quizzes.  We are now keeping a notebook for her grades, just as a backup.

It has been the unpleasant tradition in this house for several years now to have some major expense during Advent.  The oven needs replacing; the van needs a major repair; our freezer dies.  It seems we are getting an early start this year: Bret's truck has a bad leak, and I can tell he thinks it may be something major, because he is normally blindly optimistic, and this morning he was very quiet and morose.  He rode the motorcycle to work in spite of the cold weather after spending a couple of hours under the truck.

I put in a load of laundry, made tea for my next batch of kombucha, made a batch of butter, went out to take a few photos, wrapped up a couple of Etsy shop orders, made a card for my Godson (he and I have birthdays on the same day) paid the phone bill and helped the boys with their math.

I am going to make Dominic and Gemma lunch, make them take their naps, have a cup of tea and then get on with school.  I don't think we will tackle more than reading and vocabulary today.  I want to  fold laundry, finish the butter, try to make a couple of things for the Etsy shop and get dinner started early.

I'm hoping that the rest of the day is just normal busyness and not angst-inducing craziness.  I know that God isn't sadistic, so I will try not to fret and just...thank Him for this opportunity to grow in grace.  Through my clenched teeth.


  1. Well, your pictures are just beautiful. Wishing you a more pleasant afternoon and a good rest of the week. Love and prayers!

  2. oh, i do hope the car trouble isn't too bad. we seem to have the same issues around this time of year, something ALWAYS comes up, always.

  3. It seems like this always the season of extra expenses. :(

    I hope the day got better.

  4. We are using teaching textbooks and I hadn't thought to keep a hard copy of the gradebook. Thanks for posting the idea! I will keep your family (and finances) in my prayers.

  5. Beautiful pictures! Hope the week is going better now (and that your jaw is relaxed...)

  6. Oh my, what a trying start to the day. I hope you were able to turn the day around. Your photos are just beautiful, breathtaking even. Jacinta

  7. JMJ

    Happy Birthday to you this Nov. 15th. I hope you have a Blessed day. Your Godson really liked his card and especially the gift inside. Thanks so much. I hope your card arrives tomorrow if not today.

    Love and prayers,


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