Sunday, October 14, 2012

Out for the day

 We packed a big lunch yesterday and headed out to Red Boiling Springs for How'd Dey Do Dat? Day.  We had such a great time there last year, only foul weather or illness would have kept us away this time.  The autumn colors are peaking about now, and the temperature was supposed to reach 80 degrees (it took a long time getting there, but it finally did), so the drive there and home again was wonderful, too.

We made a little detour to look at some of the historic hotels in about the town (mineral springs always have always drawn people), and to make a stop to read a Civil War historic marker.  Then on to Grandpa's House and the main event.

After greeting our friends Heather and Brian from Leaning Tree Farm and meeting their new baby girl, we ate our lunch near the musicians and listened to some wonderful bluegrass music.  I love the faces of these old-timers and always end up taking too many photos of them

After walking around a bit, I pretty much settled in with Heather and let the kids run all over, praying that Dominic, at least, could keep out of trouble (he didn't--he got bitten by a sheep while feeding it. Didn't leave a mark, but he shrieked anyway).  The boys were once again smitten with the corn shucker and grinders, and spent a good bit of time turning cranks.  The sledge ride was popular, and Una took up carding wool again, just as she had last year.

There was a wonderful potter, a blacksmith, a beekeeper, a man with a collection of antique washing machines (one was easily converted to a butter churn!) and more.  On the way home, I took a few photos of the beautifully colored hills, and the barn...I actually took a lot of photos of the barn.  We were all pretty wiped out in the evening...must have been all the fresh air, as I didn't do much all day.

I love autumn, and I love Tennessee in the autumn!

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