Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Monday Musings on Tuesday--16 October 2012

Right now...it is just after 6 and still dark and chilly in the house.  Gabriel is on the sofa wrapped in a fleece blanket and Una is up, too.  Everyone else is still abed.

This weekend...was another exhausting one, but very nice.  On Friday we went into Bowling Green to do the grocery shopping, as we had plans for Saturday.  We were home in the early afternoon, but then I had to put away groceries, wrap up an Etsy order to mail, make a batch of Kombucha, shower and print up worksheets and the like for the coming school week, and I didn't get a chance to sit down until after 8 p.m.

Saturday morning I was up early to pack a big lunch to take to Red Boiling Springs for How'd Dey Do Day? Day.  Read my post from Sunday if you want to hear about it and see all the photos.  We got back mid-afternoon, and I had to put things away, make some dinner iron some clothes for Mass.  Again, I didn't sit down until evening.

I figured that with the shopping done, and nothing to do after Mass, we would get home by about lunchtime and I would spend a leisurely afternoon with my knitting.  Well, we ended up staying until 1:30 chatting with friends, while our children played together.  It was mild, but the wind was quite wild, and the the pecan trees by the church had dropped a load of nuts, and so we gathered up a bucket full before heading home.

A message on the answering machine from the lady who traded us hens for butter and milk greeted me when I got home.  She asked if she could come by and collect the balance of the milk and butter, and bring us a rooster--and show us her new, 11-day-old baby.  She came just after dinner and stayed a little while.  Barney, the rooster, is a funny-looking, skittish thing, but I prefer skittish to aggressive any day.  We shall see how he fits in here.  So far he has not ventured to hang out with the ladies.  That will have to change if he is to take up permanent residence here.

Finally, Sunday evening, I finally did get a little knitting in!

Some plans for this week:  School is taking up the day now.  Una's French arrived the week before last, and I am finally getting into the writing program with the boys, and that is souring their moods.  They'd rather break rocks for two hours than do 20 minutes of writing!  I did laundry and school yesterday, and not much else.  But I am hoping to repair my torn duvet cover, make a pair of pants for Gemma and try to make a dent in my rising pile of mending.  I also ought to try to find time to make up a few sketchbooks and Christmas ornaments for the Etsy shop.

If I find some time for myself, I would like to...work on my writing a bit, but right now the Christmas knitting takes precedence.

I am grateful for...the autumn colors peaking and the beautiful view I have out back when I hang laundry.  I am also grateful for the Mennonite gentleman who is going to trade us a pig for some bales of last year's hay, for the fact that the second hay cutting this year was better than the first, for Gabriel's  knee no longer giving him trouble.

Some prayer intentions for this week:  I pray that Bret makes good progress on the house this week; for employment for him and orders for the Etsy shop; for my friend Cindy in her travels (she is visiting her wee grandbaby in Canada, born 10 weeks early) and for the grandbaby; for me to find the articles of clothing still needed for the kids this winter; for the divine intercession and inspiration I need to help Una with her literary analysis course this year, and yet more inspiration to come up with gifts Bret and I can make for this Christmas.  I think I need to do a bit of perusing on Pinterest, if I can find the time and not get totally sucked in for hours...

Something that makes me smile:  the new guy, Barney Barnvelder.

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  1. Oops, I missed this post! Your rooster is quite handsome! Hope you are having a good week, dear friend! +JMJ+


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