Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Musings--10 September 2012

Right now...6:02 a.m. and it looks a little overcast, but it is still a bit dark to tell.  I typed up most of this post last night, as Monday mornings seem even busier than the rest, for some reason.

This weekend...was eventful and busy. On Saturday I went to Mass with my mom for the feast of the nativity of Mary, which also happens to be my Adrian's name-day.  And the Mass was being offered for the repose of my dad's soul.  Yesterday marked three months since his death.  It rained all morning, but cleared up by lunchtime, and the rain left a beautiful day in its wake.  I spent a little time in the afternoon sitting on the grass in the sunshine and getting to know my new hens.  We have six now, one old and five new.  The new ones are so lovely, and one of them is so friendly that she will eat out of your hand.  I printed out drill sheets and grammar exercises for this week, and the kids all bathed.

Yesterday we went to Mass at the Chapel of Divine Mercy.  Afterwards we did our grocery shopping and came home.  Bret went to help my brother-in-law move my mother's cattle, and, well, I fully intended to rest and knit, as last week was so incredibly exhausting, but as so often happens, I ended up doing one thing and then another, and the afternoon slipped away.  And here comes another busy week.

Some plans for this week:  School is the main thing, and other than school, very little gets accomplished.  I have to start planning for Adrian's First Holy Communion next month.  I really am not a very good organizer of social events, and even though it is just some friends and family coming over, I do want it to be a really special day for Adrian.  We don't do parties other than little family things, so our kids really look forward to their special day.  Una is starting her literary analysis course this week, so that will be something new, and the boys will begin their writing program, too.  I expect much griping and whining. And I need to do what ought to have been done before the arrival of the new chickens, which is treat the coop for creepy-crawlies.  There ought to be some fine, clear weather for that this week.

If I find some time for myself, I would like to...finish one of my knit hats and start another.

I am grateful for...cooler weather, pretty hens, music.

Prayer intentions for this week: for my dear friend Cindy, whose birthday is today! [HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CINDY!!!]; for Celeste Faustina, who is having heart surgery today (please say an Ave with me for a successful surgery and speedy recovery); for a smooth week of school; to find shoes and a jacket for Adrian in the next week or two (we have one for him, but he is so little, it's a size 6 and too big, and the size 5 was too small!); for some decent sleep so that I will not feel like I am losing my mind.  I feel incredibly burned out, and here we are in only our second week of school!

Something that makes me smile:  Two of the new girls, learning their way around the farm.

Have a grand old week, everyone!


  1. JMJ

    Thank you so much my dear friend. Thanks also for the e-card it was lovely. Have a blessed week. Love and prayers, Cindy

  2. Just popping in for a quick hello whilst we eat our c.o.w. (cream of wheat) - I will pray for Celeste throughout the day, that St. Faustina intercede for her as she did for our Eliza Faustina. Hope your week is off to a good start and that it holds more sleep and less whining than you expect. :-)


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