Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fallen rebel soldier

We've been studying the Civil War for a while now, because there is so much to study and we live in an area that is fairly rich in Civil War History.  We supplement our textual studies with Netflix movies and documentaries.  Dominic didn't make it to the end of Gettysburg on Sunday night.

On a related note, Gemma no longer calls her brothers "stupid" or "brat" when she gets upset with them; instead she yells, "Blue-bellied Yank!"   I am not unhappy about the new terminology in spite of my regional neutrality...

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  1. Aw, he is adorable! I never made it back to your Musings yesterday to comment... I've been preoccupied with the beginning of school and just, well, life in general lately... Wishing you a good week. +JMJ+


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