Thursday, July 19, 2012

Twenty-Five Years

Yesterday Bret and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.  Since we are not in the habit of big celebrations, we opted for going out to eat with the kids, which we never do on account of the cost involved, the unpleasantness of active children in restaurants and the difficulty in finding a menu that pleases everyone.   So...Gemma's three and has never been to anything but the occasional fast-food place when we are stuck away from home mid-day and forced to stop and feed the ravening horde. Bean burritos from Taco Bell is what she knows.

We all cleaned up, dressed nicely and went out.

We went to a nice Japanese grill/buffet place, thinking that this would be best--everyone could find something to enjoy.  I got lots of sushi and steamed shrimp and vegetables.  Bret got all his favorites.  I was amused by just how much the kids enjoyed picking out what to eat.  Sebastian was true to form and had twice as much dessert as dinner.  Adrian took the prize for Adventures in Gastronomy, trying the steamed mussels, the sauteed clams, the craw fish (Sebastian was more interested in turning them into finger puppets) and even a tiny octopus (he came back to the table so excited: "They even have octopus here!"--the couple at a table nearby was so amused).  The kids behaved so well, and we had such an enjoyable time.

Fortune cookie, anyone?


  1. Happy Anniversary! Reaching 25 years is a great mile stone.

  2. Who says God doesn't speak through fortune cookies? ;)

  3. I love the message in the fortune cookie! We will be celebrating 28 years in August. We keep our celebrations simple and family-oriented as well... not that going out alone with your spouse is a bad thing! :) Happy anniversary, and may God bless you with another 25 years! +JMJ+

  4. JMJ
    Congratulations Bret and Nadja, sorry I'm a day late!!! God bless you with another 25+ years. Love and prayers, Cindy

  5. Congratulations, you have a happy family and may you happy forever!


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