Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trip to the city

Wish it was just a fun trip, but it was a visit to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital for Gemma.  She has a "horseshoe kidney" and they just wanted to monitor the growth.  Seems everything is fine and growing normally.

Gemma's had some unpleasant experiences with the medical profession, and decided that there was no way she was going to willingly lie down on the exam table.  I had to pin her with hands and both forearms to get her down on her tummy.  Of course, after a few minute she realized that ultrasounds are neither painful nor very frightening, and she relaxed, turned over when asked to do so, and watched the cartoons happily.

She was rewarded with a sticker.  We opted for Disney Princesses, since they had no Viking Shield Maiden stickers.

Nothing like praying the rosary in the van after a long day to knock everyone out...well, almost everyone!

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  1. Aw! So glad that all went well... I've been thinking of "Miss Gem" all week!

    It's so funny that you mentioned Viking Maidens... my 18-year-old daughter actually bought herself a Viking helmet (not the football team... a realistic Viking helmet)!

    I love praying the rosary in the van... keeps things from getting too rowdy. :) +JMJ+

  2. So wonderful to hear that all is well! I was thinking of Gemma too this week. Eliza stays perfectly still for her ultrasounds as long as she has the Wiggles to watch. :-)
    (and Mom2Seven, methinks your Viking daughter would get along well with my crew)

  3. JMJ

    So glad all looks good with Gemma. Hope to e-mail you soon.

    Love and prayers,


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