Friday, July 27, 2012

Cutlasses for a pirate party

Making wooden toys for our Etsy shop is frequently a family affair.  Bret cuts them out and routers them, and does the primary sanding, the kids help with the finish sanding, and I am in charge of the shop and the packing and shipping.  We just had a large order in for a "Party Pack" of twenty cutlasses.  It was lovely to send them on their way...

For more creativity and inspiration, visit Creative Friday on Natural Suburbia.

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  1. Those look like the makings of an awesome party! The kids will be so delighted! So cool.

  2. These are SO great. I've stood in the Dollar Store so many times waffling over spending money on crappy favours that will break in a day. Must check out your store! What a lot of love and time you put into your work!

  3. Beautiful! And, such wonderful memories being made for your children... helping their parents with a family business (and farm)! Happy weekend! +JMJ+

  4. Wow! And I thought my order of 5 shields and 3 swords was a lot! The kids LOVE their swords - they haven't gotten the shields, yet. I'm going to paint them for each kid!

    You guys do awesome work and I hope to get soemthing from you soon.


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