Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sunday afternoon at the creek

One of the joys of rural summers is a trip to the creek when the heat and humidity become appalling.  We pile towels, drinking water, inner tubes and the inflatable raft into the van (it seems a well-chilled watermelon is prerequisite, too), and drive about 15 minutes or less to our favorite creek.  There are other creeks around here, and a bit further off there is Barren River, but this one seems to have everything the kids could want.

We hope to come back a few more times this summer...


  1. Nadja...looks like you all had so much fun. These are the memories your kids will treasure as they grow up! Have a great week.
    Pax Christi.

  2. LOVE IT! but were did you find a creek with that much water in it around here? all of the ones i know about are dry or only ankle deep!? looks like you all had fun.

  3. Fun pictures and fun to see Mama in the creek, too! I loved playing in creeks when I was a kid. Happy memories! +JMJ+

  4. I like everything about it but the water snakes, Mom2Seven!

  5. That loooks like so much fun. I hope you all felt a little cooler after your swim! Jacinta

  6. brings back memories from my own childhood. what good parents to give your kids such good and wholesome memories! blessings!


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