Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Musings--2 July 2012

Right now... 7:19 a.m., and everyone is up except Gemma and Bret, who is off from work this week (but never off from working!).  The boys have captured a praying mantis and are, with great and slightly disturbing relish, watching the gory spectacle of it devouring a cricket.

This weekend...was hot!  I think it hit 109 degrees on Friday, and must have been around that Saturday as well.  Friday Dominic had a checkup with the ENT, and one of his ear tubes is out and the eardrum healed; the other the doctor removed and it should be healed in 4-6 weeks.

Saturday we went grocery shopping early so as to be home before the worst of the heat, and in the afternoon we bathed kids, watered plants and cleaned house.  I made some decisions about Una's curricula and put a few books in my Amazon cart.

Yesterday was wonderful.  We went to an early Mass in Gallatin, came home to change, tidy up and eat lunch, then we went to the creek.  The shallow areas were like bathwater, so warm, and the rest was so refreshing.  We spent very little time out of the water!  Last night I stayed up [way too] late with Una, watching a student film version--unfinished, sadly, and so missing bits and pieces--of The Shadow of the Bear.  We love it, and like to chat about how we would have done this or that on the film had we an unlimited budget and all the talent we would need...

Some plans for this week:  more school-related stuff; wash my dirty floors; get my home and school organization binders in order; try to find some nice cowboy-themed fabric online (Dominic the Pirate of last year is intent on being Dominic the Cowboy this year come August and his birthday) and finish a few things more for Gemma's birthday.

If I find some time for myself, I would like to...spend a little time letter writing; get a little sewing done.

I am grateful for...renewed contact with an old friend; learning a bit more about my dad's side of the family through the email of one of his cousins; the nearby creek which affords us so much fun at no cost; the friends I can always count on for prayers; Bret having off from work this week.

Some special prayer intentions this week:  one very special intention that lies close to my heart; continued help in making decisions regarding the coming school year; for a good, long period of rain--next week, if possible--as things are very dry here and the cows are already on hay.

Something that makes me smile:  kids passed out after hours of fun in the sun...

Have a blessed week!


  1. Another Monday with lovely Musings! As Una gets older, as I am sure you are already learning, she will be a true friend. You know my love of babies and little ones, but I have truly enjoyed the friendships that have come with my daughters blossoming into young women. Happy week... stay cool! +JMJ+

  2. So true, Annita! I will be bereft when she goes off to college...

  3. i am an empty nester (never did like that phrase)and never thought it would apply to me, but it happens, and mom2seven is right, my girls (and my sons) are my best friends, and it's so lovely.
    the creek sounds delightful, that is the way i've always felt about the beach for my children, it offered hours (years) of play at no cost. wonderful!
    love the sleeping child, such good memories there too.
    xo lori


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