Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meet the new baby!

Just after 6, and I had just missed the blessed event!  See the stunned look in Fiona's eyes?

Say "cheese", baby!

Geese flying overhead.

Here's the baby's grandma checking out the new arrival.

And we all thought it was going to be a black calf!

This is our fourth calf born on Patch O' Dirt Farm, but the first to be born in daylight!  Fiona had the calf while I was putting fresh batteries into the camera this morning at about 6 a.m.  By 7 it was wobbling about on spindle-legs. No name as of yet, as we don't know the gender, but we are thinking it may be a  bull calf (which is what we're hoping for, since the calf is half Angus).  

I went out to give Fiona a bucket of warm water with molasses (an energizing drink for a newly freshened cow), and as I held the bucket, the little one came up and sniffed my face.  It was a sweet moment, making worthwhile all the trouble and heartbreak involved in raising animals.

I hope things slow down a bit this week.  The first two days of it have been a bit too much (hence the lack of my usual Monday Musings).  Computer problems, butter and yogurt, to make, mountains of laundry, a birthday to think about, school things to think about...and I am still attempting to squeeze in a bit of reading, writing and/or knitting if I can, for the sake of my sanity!  


  1. What a wonderful life! Rachel (18) likes to look over my shoulder when I read your blog. She says that she would really love to have a small farm in the country some day. She really envies your lifestyle! Peace +JMJ+

  2. I just love the one with all three! So sweet!

  3. Congratulations! Such lovely pictures, such beautiful moments. Just perfect. You certainly didn't 'miss it' by much, and what a blessing that you were home and it was in daylight! You must still be smiling. :-)

  4. Farm life does has its charms. Birth of animals rates highly on that list. Enjoy watching the new calf grow. Jacinta


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