Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Musings--18 June 2012

Right now...I am trying to get this post done bit by bit.  I have such a hard time on Mondays; it always seems that I have a million things to do.

This weekend was... busy, but very nice.  Saturday was spent grocery shopping.  I actually have managed a menu plan now, so I made an enormous 2-week grocery list and we went into Bowling Green to shop.  I spent the latter part of the afternoon putting away groceries.

Father's Day was nice, although it lacked the customary phone call to my dad.  We went to Mass at the Chapel of Divine Mercy, and when we came home, Bret was able to take a nice nap while I put the finishing touches on his gift from the children (with help from Mama!):

Bret actually liked it enough that he put it up on the wall beside his bed, good Papa that he is!  I also enrolled him for a Father's Day Mass, and gave him this book, which caused him to chuckle quite a bit as he read it in bed last night.  Dinner was good, and might have been fantastic if Bret hadn't overcooked my steak!  We haven't had steak in ages, as I only had a few left in the freezer, but since it was a special occasion, and since we are getting some more beef on Wednesday, we splurged and cooked them up, along with some yellow squash (cooked with onions, tomatoes, garlic, butter and rosemary), new potatoes and a salad.  I like my meat rare (Bret says it is raw), and only get to have it that way when we know where the meat came from.  With supermarket meat, I don't think I would trust anything but medium.  Well, it was a bit past medium, even, and I didn't enjoy it as much as I might have.  On the other hand, the veggies were delightful!

Some plans for this week:  In the kitchen I need to move the little of what is left of our current stock of beef to the small freezer and make room for the new beef in the big freezer.  I need to make yogurt and pesto, as my basil plants are wanting to bloom, and I keep pinching them back.  Around the house, I really need to do a bit of dusting and under-the-furniture vacuuming.  School-related, I still need to work on some planning for the coming year.  I have a bit of research to do in that area, especially for my new highschooler!  And craft-wise, I need to work on the doll clothing for Gemma's birthday, and I have a pile of other things to sew, too--material for toddler skirts and tops, and a 3 tiered skirt for Una.  I have knitting to do, too...I may have to put aside my February Lady Sweater in order to work on some doll cardigans.

If I find some time for myself, I want to...get some of the above done!

I am grateful, health, a full pantry, Bret working, friendship, boys who brave heat and bugs in order to pick blackberries, our milk cow.

Some prayer intentions for this week:  for Bret to get some time to work on the KY house; for my nephew, Matthew; for discernment in choosing curricula (Our Lady of Good Counsel, ora pro nobis!); for the soul of my father; for our nation and for the Church.

Something that makes me smile:
This exchange:
Gemma:  "Appy Muvver's Day, Mama!"
Me:  "It's not Mother's Day, Gemma; it is Father's Day."
Gemma: "Oh.  'Appy Favver's Day, Mama!"

And this (I just love the south...)

And this: the big boys' room cleaned, and Legos all in bins!

Hope your week is full of things that make you smile, too!


  1. Good job, boys! I'll have to show John the bins full of legos. He likes to keep his room fairly neat; but the corner of the playroom that he has claimed as his, is always covered in legos... that I usually end up stepping on! Always enjoy your musings. Continued prayers. +JMJ+

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend, and Bret got the requisite Father's Day nap. Eliza kept wishing me Happy Muvver's Day too (muvvers and favvers do go together!). Prayed especially on Sunday for you and your dad.

  3. What a great idea for a Father's day card!
    I love the way little ones speak. Your Gemma sounds so sweet, and similar to my Fina in the way she talks. Except for the accent :)
    Mondays always seem hectic for me too.
    I know all about getting posts written in stages :)
    And I have to have my steak as rare as it gets before it jumps off the plate :)
    Glad you had a lovely Favver's Day!


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