Thursday, April 12, 2012


 I am playing catch-up today after three days not in the tomb, but in the throes of a very nasty head cold, during which I did next to nothing.  "School" was reduced to watching the wonderful historical drama John Adams, and reading aloud, with much throat-clearing and nose-blowing, Where the Lilies Bloom.  

The days have become chilly since this past weekend, and there was frost this morning, making me glad that I am such a procrastinator when it comes to putting plants into the ground.  The last frost date around here is generally April 15th, although I believe some were fooled by the early spring into believing that there would be no more frosty mornings.  My herbs are still tiny, gracing my workbench.

I had to make yogurt this morning and bake bread, as milk is abundant with the spring grass and I ran out of bread yesterday.  I decided against my usual mixed grain loaves and opted instead for some honey wholewheat bread.

The kids have very little evidence of their colds; just a few sneezes and sniffles, but it is hard to tell what's what, since most of us have pollen allergies this time of year, too.

Now that I am again to be counted among the living, I have a number of things to do, so I had best be getting to them!  It's good to be back...


  1. Glad you are feeling better. Pretty pictures... I really like the second. Happy Thursday! +JMJ+

  2. Glad the worst of your cold is over! We're all suffering from pollen allergies here, and last night's freeze made me glad I've not planted anything either :)

  3. Your pictures show a truly resurrection. Glad to know you're doing fine.
    Have a very good weekend!

  4. You bread looks wonderful! And those little seedings!!! One of my favourite things about Spring is watching all that new life peep through :)

  5. Hi, do you have a good bread recipe? I´m trying to do some bread but don´t know any recipe. Thank you. Have a nice sunday!!

  6. Cother, this one is the one I use every week. I am afraid I do not have the measurements worked out in grams, as is done in Europe. Maybe next time I make it I will remember to do that!


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