Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Out of doors

 Nuala, Queen of Patch O' Dirt Farm.

Fiona getting a scratch from Dominic. 

 Hmm.  I suppose some explanation is necessary.  Una, Sebastian, Adrian and Dominic were using a pulley to lift Gabriel, but they tied the rope to his shirt.  Instead of lifting him off the ground, they stripped his upper torso.

Ruthie Weedeater.

Another one that probably needs a little explaining.  The pulley rope was given a second function.  The older kids found a way to keep Dominic still for a few minutes.

We skipped school today to take advantage of the lovely weather.  I spent the day preparing my tomato and herb beds and potting some maple saplings that I hope to transplant in the fall.  We are all tired this evening, full of fresh air and sunshine.