Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Musings--12 March 2012

Right now: 8:00 a.m., and I am enjoying the fact that Gemma is sleeping in a bit this morning.  I have three boys here in the living room, pouring over a Star Wars book together; Una is on the computer doing some writing before breakfast.

This weekend...was rather nice.  Bret took advantage of the lovely weather to work on the house.  Una, not without some encouragement, cleaned her room and weeded out a lot of outgrown clothing.  I mopped the floors, and weeded out some of Gemma's outgrown clothing.  I gave two of the boys trims, but I might as well have not, I do such a poor job of it!  They'll need some "damage-control" haircuts before Easter.  In the afternoon I was able to sit with my knitting for a little while.

Yesterday we were in a hurry to get to Mass.  Yes, I forgot all about the time change, and I was having my cup of coffee and looking at my email when I noticed the time on the computer.  We made it out the door on time, but not without a great deal of whip-cracking and shouting.

Some plans for this week:  I have to get Dominic in to see his doctor.  Seems the lad might have a hernia.  Bret had his first of three hernias, and my dad has had a couple of hernias as well, so he may have a bit of a genetic disadvantage in this area.  I am thinking that they are going to get to know me on a first-name basis on the third floor (surgery) at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital...

I want to clean out the bathroom closet and the little ones' bedroom this week, and maybe even the school room.  I am looking for trash to throw out and things to send on to Goodwill.   I am hoping to get all the decluttering done by Holy Week so that I can spend that week in a cleaning frenzy.

I have this last week to ready Adrian for his first Confession on Sunday.  He will likely be making his First Holy Communion in the fall.

The weather does feel like spring!  All about things are blooming, the robins bouncing across the pasture,  the grass in greening everywhere.  I guess this means I must begin The Changing of the Wardrobe, that most dreaded of tasks.  Going through half a dozen plastic bins and fishing out the spring and summer clothing, and then washing and putting away the cold-weather stuff...ugh!  In the new house I dream of an attic space with clothing racks for out of season items, and only my woolens will be in plastic bins or zippered bags.

If I can find some time for myself, I would like to...finish Dominic's spring pullover and cast on another hat for Una, as I am getting tired of seeing her in the first slouchy hat I knit her.  Actually, I have something of a Ravelry addiction lately.  I spend way too much time looking at what patterns are available for free, and adding them to my favorite or my library.  I also have fabric in my workroom begging to be made into spring skirts for Gemma and Una.

I am grateful for...good and holy confessors; buds and blossoms on the trees; being able to drink Nuala's creamy, raw milk again; kids sleeping in a bit later this morning because of the time change.

Some prayer intentions for this week:  for my dad, whom I hope is responding well to the treatment he received and praying surgery will not be necessary; for Bret's uncle who just got a pacemaker, for Dominic and his apparent hernia; for ladies I know who are expecting and for their unborn babies; for my nephew's comfort and healing; for Adrian, as he prepares to receive a most precious sacrament this Sunday; for peace and joy in our home.

Something that makes me smile:  Happy faces.

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