Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yarn Along--glitches

 I am back again to join in Ginny's weekly Yarn Along...

Una's slouchy hat is coming along beautifully, and would be done if not for the fact that my cheap, 16" bamboo cable needle broke not once, but twice in the last 5 days.  There is nothing more unnerving than a cable breaking and suddenly finding yourself with 20 or 25 floating stitches...especially while on the road in the van!  I have broken down and decided to invest in the Harmony 16" fixed cable needles from Knit Picks in three sizes.  They probably won't arrive before I finish this hat, however.  And speaking of the Harmony needles, I just noticed today that the yarn for Una's hat matches the Harmony needles almost to perfection!

I'm still reading The Fellowship of the Ring (and will be for some time, I think).  I last read it when I was 17 or so, and it is nice to read it again.  I loved it for the story before, but I am finding a whole bunch of new reasons for loving it now.

For the kids and for myself, I purchased these books used from  Just to expand our Tolkien library a bit.  The artwork is very inspirational, and I find myself doodling hobbits on my To-Do list.

I was about to do this post early this morning, but noted that there was a problem with my internet security.  It took two hours and three techies from India to get me going safely again!  So I am off to a late start, with a long, long To-Do list (sans hobbit, which I gave to Una), and a thin hope that I will finish the hat tonight and get some Ravelry notes up for it and for Adrian's birthday sweater.

Maybe I will even be able to pop by in the odd minutes of the day to see what you've been up to!


  1. We LOVE Lord of the Rings, too. I should reread them. I think I would appreciate them more, now!

  2. Yes, your needles and yarn are a perfect match! I have not had the experience of having a cable break, it sounds terrible!
    My son is deep into Tolkien right now and loving him!

  3. slouchy hat looks great, shame about the needles breaking. If you don't mind me asking are they from a kit called 'kit pro'? they look exactly like the one's I was planning on buying - 6 needles, 4 cables- 60€, which I guess is about 80$.

  4. Hi Emma,
    I couldn't find any contact info, so I'm answering here. The pretty needles in the picture are Knit Picks Harmony interchangeable cable needles and I LOVE them! But they do not make a 16" cable for the interchangeable ones, so I have ordered their fixed cables. The ones that broke were inexpensive ones I got on Ebay, and the plastic cables break right at the join with the needle. Each time I have had to cut it at the break, scrape away the plastic tubing from the needle and glue it again. Thus my cables are getting shorter and shorter!

  5. Are your children as excited as mine that Lord of the Rings Legos will be coming out in a few months? There has been little talk of anything else around here for the past few days.

  6. I do love LOTR and the artwork is so intriguing in the books. My friend has some circs break on her once. Just the fear of that drove me to Addis. I think your knitting is safe now. :) What beautiful yarn.

  7. oh dear, cables breaking sound awful. i use addi needles and haven't had that happen. i guess anything is possible though. good you got your internet fixed nadja.
    pretty knitting!

  8. Such pretty yarn you're using for your little's hat! I also broke down and ordered several 16" fixed circulars (Addi lace & Knit Picks) -- just not fun trying to make do when knitting, is it?


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