Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sickies (and belated birthday photos)

I meant to post these photos on Sunday, but I am reporting from the trenches...on the way to Mass on Sunday, Una and I began to feel unwell.  On our way home from Mass, we were Very Unwell Indeed.  And the moment we got home, we were down for the count.  She threw up, I threw up, I felt as though there wasn't a spot on me that didn't ache.  Dominic started up an hour or so later.  We three were at least over the vomiting by bedtime, just feeling achy and wiped out--and then Gabriel and Sebastian started up.  The latter spent all of Monday on the sofa, in and out of consciousness, sipping flat Coca Cola.  This morning he was weak, but much improved.  Then Bret and Adrian started up first thing, and Gemma awoke from her nap having thrown up on the pallet I'd made for her in my bedroom.  We were thinking of digging a trench around the house, filling it with gasoline, setting it alight and hoisting a plague flag.  But none of us has the strength for it, although the drama of it is very appealing to us.

Ah, well...that means everyone has had a turn at it.  We should be through it by morning (I hope).

Anyway, on to more pleasant things:

Adrian was absolutely thrilled with his gifts.  He got the brown sweater I knit that was meant to be an autumn gift and didn't get done in time for Christmas; I sewed up a special pillow case from a nice remnant with turtles, lizards and frogs printed on it; and of course there was Thorwald the Gnome.  His aunt and uncle got him a wonderful plush blue crab, and his Oma got him D'Aulaire's Book of Trolls.  His other "boughten" gifts were a much coveted Lego set and a civil war era kepi and pistol.

I must admit that initially the gift that caused the greatest hoopla was the Lego set.  He could barely finish a slice of cake in his haste to take it out and put it together.  I was a wee bit disappointed that he seemed to take so little note of the gnome doll, but I really half expected it.

After the set was put together and appropriately envied by his brothers, he put it aside.  He came to me in the kitchen holding Thorwald while I was getting dinner ready.  "This is my best birthday present, and my best birthday ever!" he announced.  "Thank you for making Thorwald and all his clothes.  Do you think you can make some more clothes for him on my next birthday?"  He loves him, and I am so glad!

 Ah, my little Peanut who is now seven and still wearing a lot of 5T clothes, so small in stature and yet so philosophical for one so young, how I love you...

That's it from the trenches, where we are serving up bouillon, flat "Co-Cola", Jell-O and saltines.  We have a lot of birthday cake left over.  Anyone want some...?


  1. Oh, dear! I thought the pictures were delayed because you were so tired out from celebrating. So sorry to hear you've been ill! At least the bug sounds short lived, though it leaves you battle weary. Hope you are all much, much better soon! Praise God for saltines, and that you weren't ill for the party.
    The pictures are all wonderful! So much joy and love radiating on the faces of the non-birthday children. Of course he loves his gnome best. Una's hat looks pretty fab too!

  2. Aw, I was praying that the rest of the family would be spared! Wonderful pictures! Wonderful cake! Love and prayers, Annita +JMJ+

  3. Ugh. We've been dealing with a similar illness here. Just...blech. But your birthday celebrations, they lift my spirits even as a viewer/reader. That birthday cake is FAB, and I am intrigued by that book. Such happy images of a boy being honoured. Being loved. Ahh, yes, I am smiling...

  4. Sorry to hear you were all sick. It is no fun when that kind of thing goes through the whole family. Wishing you all well.
    Adrian is such a dear boy! His cake is amazing. His book looks wonderful too. Jacinta

  5. Cake freezes well. Hoping all of you are recovering.

  6. Happy Birthday Adrian! I've been thinking about that cake and how delicious it must have been!

  7. Nadja, the birthday cake is the sweetest cake ever. I just love it so much. And, your gnome? Oh, my. Wonderful! What a special celebration you created for your son. He will remember this one.

    Be well soon.


  8. So sorry you had to go through that! We had something like about 4 years ago and jokingly refer to it as "The stomach virus of '63".... it was TERRIBLE. Glad you are feeling better.

  9. The flu is never fun. The birthday celebration is beautiful. It looks like you enjoyed all that makes your son happy. That is what family is all about!

  10. Glad you are all feeling better. That mushroom and bunting birthday cake is fantastic!


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