Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kicking back

The proof copy of Una's NaNoWriMo novel arrived.

 Adrian received a beautiful pop-up book of Our Lady of Guadalupe from his Godmother yesterday, and this morning found a gift from his gnome friend.  It was a marzipan and chocolate acorn!

Things have been fairly quiet today.  Yesterday the kids were driving me nuts.  The weather was bitterly cold (the high was 30 degrees), the kids lacking motivation, and there was far too much whining and arguing going on.  Today has been peaceful, largely because I allowed far too much time on the computer for everyone, but I needed to get a few things done, and I couldn't afford to spend all my time and energy breaking up fights and dealing with huffy egos.  I managed to work out a bit of stuff for school, which starts up next week again, make butter, slice and freeze bunches of green onions, start two gallons of wine (will likely be ready for drinking after Lent), and spray another coat of varnish on some wooden buttons I have painted for out Etsy shop.

I really had intended to read to the boys, play a game with them, and maybe get a bit of knitting done, but it didn't work out that way.  Ah well...I haven't too many plans for tomorrow...


  1. We start back to school next week as well. I have NEVER played a video game, but I am getting hooked on Angry Birds... ugh! Rachel gave me a Kindle Fire for Christmas (I was shocked... she did some odd jobs for my stepmother this summer and bought it for me... I was literally moved to tears that my daughter did this for me!), and she put the game on it.

    Una is just amazing. I know you and Bret must just be so proud of her.

    I was going to email you, but please pray for my mother. She is having brain surgery on Friday. I would greatly appreciate it! Love, Annita +JMJ+

  2. We will pray. My dad in Charlotte has been having loads of tests for problems he is having, and so far they've found nothing. Let's pray for one another's parents!

  3. I will indeed pray for him!

    Also, the whole lengthy comment about the Angry Birds was to say that Mama needs to get back to school next week, too! I start typing so quickly, I don't always make a lot of sense! ;)


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