Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Happy feast-day!  We would be on our way to an early Mass this morning, but we are on day 3 of having no water, and the electrician is supposed to be here in an hour or so with a new pump, alleluia!  Our water supply for flushing toilets and washing the few dishes I have been using has come from gallon jugs filled at my mom's place, but yesterday Bret had to make a trip to the KY property and filled up a 50-gallon barrel to refill up our cows' stock tank.  It has not been fun.

We will have to go to Mass this evening.  And my plans for today?  Well, if the pump is functional by lunch, I intend to run my dishwasher, which has been full for 3 days, wash a mountain of laundry and take a shower!

I am so sleep-deprived, I am probably capable of doing something really dumb this morning, like putting the milk away in the cabinet or something like that.  Gemma had a bad night and for whatever reason could not get into a deep sleep.  she kept waking every 45 minutes or so, and yelling, sitting up in bed, calling for me, etc.  At about 2 I brought her into my room, where she continued to keep us awake until around 3.  After that, I moved to the sofa with my pillow and reheated rice pack.  I got up at 6 so as to have some time before the coming of our hero, the electrician, but I feel like my head is full of wool.

One of my favorite Catholic art blogs has this interesting post on a particular painting of the Immaculate Conception, if you are interested.

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