Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yarn Along--Cooking on all four burners

I am joining Ginny's weekly Yarn Along again.
You can see that progress has been made on Una's Sweet Peasy.  I have a few more inches of body to do and then I will be down to picking up a billion stitches and doing the button band (I hate picking up stitches almost as much as I hate seaming--but not quite).

Gemma's Mini Chic is so lovely to work on.  I still think it will be big, but hopefully not the size 4T it was starting to be.  A little room for growth is necessary, and it would be nice for her to be able to wear it for at least a year!  I'm going to make it with long sleeves and buttons going all the way down for winter..One error I made is on the button holes.  They are too close together and I think I may sew up a few (hopefully as invisibly as possible!)  I will be spacing them further apart form here on out.

I also cast on for these adorable slippers.  Ginny has knit them, and so has another knitter I happen to be fond of, Nicole of Frontier Dreams.  The house is getting chillier, and I think that Gemma needs a pair of these for this fall and winter.  I am using some bulky pink wool from my stash that is too scratchy for a sweater of any kind.

Reading?  What's that?  Honestly, I don't think that I will be able to do much reading on my own between now and Christmas.  So I may have to just post about what the kids are reading.

Una is anticipating getting The Shadow of the Bear through the inter-library loan system.  I am always on the alert when my kids get really excited about some book I know nothing about, but this book--and this author--look very good indeed.  I have linked the title above not to, but to the author's website and synopsis of the book.  Just in case Regina Doman's name sounds familiar, she is the Catholic author of this pro-life classic.

Sebastian just finished,, Chasing Vermeer, an art mystery, which he told me has so many twists and turns, his head was swimming until it all got sorted out in the end.

If you need a little knitting or reading inspiration, stop by Small Things and check out the Yarn Along!


  1. Your knitting is beautiful, as always. I think I'm going to have to work at putting more time into projects than reading to get things done before Christmas. I just have a hard time with that sometimes ;-)

  2. I always try to knit the button band at the same time as the sweater. Like in Elizabeth Zimmerman's February Baby Sweater ( Just cast on the extra stitches to the fronts. I've made Sweet Peasy too, it's such a cute little sweater.

  3. I think I'll try to do that, too, from now on, Paula. I'll tell you, every sweater I make is a learning experience!

  4. The peasy cardi is looking so beautiful! I also really like the mini chic you are knitting, great color :)

  5. We loved Chasing Vermeer and the other books in the series. Weird but cool books with lots of twists.

  6. Lovely work, and lovely yarn!

  7. Your knitting is lovely! Love the color of that cardi. Enjoy reading with your kids...such a joy and one of the biggest reasons I miss homeschooling. Now we have to squeeze it in :)

  8. such pretty knitting, lovely projects all. the tweedy red looks so cozy. i agree with you on picking up stitchs, but it always looks so nice after.

  9. your knitting looks great. i hear you about reading...not sure how much time there is for that...luckily my christmas knitting list is way less complicated!


  10. Ok first off - Awww, thanky you <3 :)You know I feel the same way, right?!

    Loving the peasy. I am with you on button bands and picking up the stitches. No fun but it will look so nice when it's done.

    I am hoping to catch up this weekend and look into patterns ;) I want to talk books with you, too. I need some goodangels and/or saints ones for my girls <3

  11. Gorgeous!
    I have been thinking about making slippers for Christmas gifts this year.


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