Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monday--and the peace of surrendering

Monday began with me feeling anxious and overwhelmed by a long list of things I meant to accomplish--school-related, household stuff, phone calls, and so forth.  The mountain of minutiae that is typical for home-schooling moms of large families.  Nothing went according to plan, but at some point I let go of the plan and just rode the minutes of the day where they led.  And the day turned out remarkably well.

Sewing up some watercolor paper to make sketchbooks for the Etsy shop

Science Horror Theater:  the boys caught a praying mantis and put it in the old Radio Flyer wagon arena with a cricket.  They got to see the cricket devoured head-first.  Ick.

I am hoping Gemma won't somehow be traumatized and make me pick up the tab
 for her therapy later on in life.

An unexpected gift--My basil, which went to seed before I could even harvest it early this summer, has had a small, second growth.  Not much, but I got another cup of pesto made from it, which I've frozen.

This rather healthy looking guy belongs to our neighbor.  I am hoping our heifer notices him and swoons.  We need to get that girl bred and milking.

Gave my home made wine a tasting yesterday.  It is quite good!

Even hanging out laundry on days like this is a pleasure.

I hope your Monday was pleasant, whether it went according to plan or not!


  1. It's taken me years to learn that often the days that don't go as planned turn out to be the best of days. Does your homemade wine have a little extra kick to it? ;)

  2. Indeed it does! And I wasn't expecting it. Had one glass while making dinner and almost lost my way in the kitchen!

  3. Thank you for this. My Mondays are insane and overfilled with lists and ideas... I needed this post <3


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