Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Musings--5 September 2011

Right is nearly 6:00 a.m. and dark.  The window is open beside me so that I can feel the cool breeze and listen to the sound of the steady rain, which began yesterday afternoon.  We really do need it, as the pastures are so crisp that we will have to bring in hay for the cows.  Today, the anniversary of the passing of Bl. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, is our day for easing into our school year.  That means we may look at our material, get our writing binders together, choose books for our reading and not expect too much of ourselves.

This weekend...was hardly memorable, but very busy!  On Saturday Bret took the older boys to help him clean up the foundation of the new house in KY.  The little guys were permitted to sit around and watch vintage cartoons on DVD, as it was appallingly hot (I was told it got up to 103!). There were the ordinary chores to do, and then I made my mom's birthday cake (recipe in the post below), bathed Gemma, gave Bret a haircut and in the evening worked a bit on my knitting.

Gemma caught the cold from Dominic and Adrian (who are over theirs), and I must say, having her wake up congested in the middle of the night and have that rattling, loose cough gave me flashbacks of last April when she was so ill.  Thankfully, she has no temperature and is in high spirits, AND she kept a diaper dry all day yesterday, using the potty when she had to!

Mass would have been nicer if the kids--Una excepted--hadn't been awful.  Gemma was just an antsy toddler, but Adrian and Dominic had to be separated, and then Gemma had to be separated from both of them, and Sebastian and Gabriel had to be separated.  We ran out of responsible folks to place between the trouble-makers!

After Mass, Una saw and old friend, Mother Cynthia of the St. Joseph Missionaries of Sacrifice, visiting from Canada where she works with the native people up there.  I was pregnant with Gemma when we first met, so it has been a while.  She and Una chatted as if no time had passed at all.

Some plans for this week:  Easing into school is the main thing.  We also have to mail off Una's entry form for a local Art Contest, for which she has decided to enter two photographs.  I still need to order some art supplies (putting it off until our Etsy sales cover the cost!), and some health food items.  I would like to bake some batches of pumpkin bread and banana bread for quick, easy breakfasts.

If I find some time for myself, I want to...squeeze the knitting of a few newborn things in for some newborns!

I am grateful for...this lovely rain, a decent night's sleep, living in the country.

Some prayer intentions for this week:  for my friend Cindy, whose birthday is this week;  for Bret's work on the refectory tables for the Fathers of Mercy to proceed well; for school to go well this year and prove to me that I can relax a little and things will still be learned!

Something that makes me smile:  Gemma and the trusty, rusty Radio Flyer.

Have a great week!


  1. Una really is a special, unique 12-year-old. I know you are very proud of her. We will be easing into school next week. I needed this week after our trip to get my ducks in a row. Happy week! +JMJ+

  2. Our priest always says he'd rather have noisy in families and babies in church than find out they stayed home because they feared "disturbing" bless your noisy, healthy children!
    I like this Monday Musings...did you start it, and do you invite others to join in? It might just work for me, as I work I could fill in the stuff about the weekend the night before! Nice to read.


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