Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yarn Along--tangled in lace

Hello!  I am here again for Ginny's weekly Yarn Along.  Last week I said I would be ready to show a finished shot of Dominic's raglan pullover, and so I am:

The morning light was rather golden, so here is a shot that better shows the colors:

Other than the fact that the pattern runs very small (and I knit very tight!), it was one of the quickest knits I've ever done.  Over all and in spite of a couple of mistakes, I'm very happy with it.  For those who are interested, my Ravelry notes are here.

On Thursday I printed out the directions for this cardigan for Una.  She liked the pattern and really wanted a cardi rather than a pullover (preferable for girls with long hair, I think).  She also chose the yarn.  There are a couple of firsts for me with this sweater: 
1)  It is my first time doing lace, and although the stitches involved are not difficult, I found the way the pattern was written really mind-boggling for a first-timer.  I am managing to suss it out bit by bit, but it was hairy for a while.  
2)  It is my first time working with a tweed, and although I will admit that it is probably the perfect yarn for this house, as bits of stuff are forever attaching themselves to our clothes, I myself could not handle a tweed sweater as I would be tempted to pick off all the tweedy bits, which I find myself doing even now.
3)  It was my first time using a cable cast-on.  I seem to learn something new with every sweater I knit.

Nothing new on the reading front.  I still haven't finished The Penderwicks at Point Mouette, for which I am feeling a bit guilty.  Sebastian loves being read to especially, and I was so busy the last two days.  On my own, I am still making my way through Drawing with Children.  I haven't much time to read, getting ready for school next week as I am.

If you enjoy reading and knitting, and you haven't done so already, stop by Small Things and see what is on everyone's needles and nightstands!


  1. I love the pullover you knitted for Dominic. He looks so very sweet. Una's cardi looks like it will turn out lovely. I love tweet knits. I think it often makes a knit 'pop', if you know what I mean. Can't wait to see how it looks. Jacinta

  2. I love Dominic's sweater! The colors are a little funky but I think they work well together. Can't wait to see Una's cardi!

  3. I agree, Kate, about the colors. I was not at all pleased with the Green Tea Heather when it arrived--it was not very heathered and sort of neon-bright! What the heck, he will have outgrown it next year, and I won't be passing it on to Gemma!

  4. well done i love the sweater!!

  5. I like it when I learn something new with each pattern :) That sweater is amazing, love the colours together. I really like tweedy yarn, but also find myself trying to pick the bits out too!

  6. Dear Nadja,
    I like the sweater and the plans for the caridgan are lovely. I do love cardy's.
    We too ar ereading the same Penderwicks story. How do you like it compared witht the others.
    Happy knitting this week

  7. The jumper looks fabulous! Such great colours.
    Good luck with your new projects.

  8. The sweater fits perfectly! I really like the Peasy pattern you chose for the cardi~lovely!

  9. I really like the sweater and the colors look great on Dominic...


    A Knitters Notebook

  10. oh how nice the sweater looks, and it's a perfect fit for your son. such a sweet photo, i love that magic golden light.
    and the little peasy is going to be so pretty in the color way you've chosen!

  11. Your knitting is just beautiful! I have never knit tweed before either,but have been itching too!
    Are you enjoying Drawing with Children? I just picked up her second book for older children,but haven't started it yet. Drawing with Children is one of my favorites so I have high hopes.xx

  12. Love the morning photo and the sweater, of course.

  13. Just stopping in with a quick 'Hi!'
    The sweater turned out great!
    Have a great week!

  14. lol, we are preparing for next week 'school' too. i love the cardigan, it is really cute. the sweater turned out great too! i am afraid by the time i learn how to knit this well my kids won't want anything to do with what i knitted.


  15. The cardigan for Dominic is wonderful! It looks perfect on him.

    I keep seeing the Peasy pop up in the bloggosphere. I may need to make one for someone. Hmm.

  16. Enjoyed your comment on my blog.

    One sweater finished and the next in progress with lace! Lovely knitting.
    I look forward to seeing your completed cardigan. I like the the heather color.

  17. The morning photo just looks amazing. The color and the atmosphere in this picture are so subtle and cozy.
    Have a nice time!

  18. Love, love, love the pullover!

    Thanks for providing the link to Una's cardigan. My niece keeps bugging me for a sweater. This could be the perfect pattern. I'm surprised that there was no chart provided for the lace portion of the cardigan. Hmmm...guess that means I'll have to chart it out myself when I get to that pattern.

  19. LOVE the sweaters...i wish I was so talented! I cannot BELEIVE you haven't finished the Penderwick book yet! I was first alerted to the newest book when you posted about it daughter requested it at the library...we got it, I read it first ( mom's priviledge!) and then my dear daughter...we giggled and gasped through the whole thing! haha.It was great.


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