Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Right now...

...I ought to be finishing a batch of butter I made yesterday and doing my checkbook, but I just feel a bit lazy after a very busy day yesterday, which was one of those days when you don't care what the kids eat for dinner, as long as you don't have to make it.

Yesterday was exhausting.  I made the butter and did laundry, sliced bell peppers for the freezer, made up two batches of hillbilly wine (they'll be ready sometime around Thanksgiving, I think), soaked pinto beans to cook up today and spent a huge amount of time rearranging things in the pantry.  Our local, privately run food bank had its last day, having had a hard time vying with Second Harvest for donations from various stores.  We will miss it in a number of ways.  They Vietnam veteran who ran it is a lovely, warm man who loves to work himself to the bone doing for others.  Anyway, we were encouraged to take everything we could use, since it was our last time.  I had to make room for a lot of stuff.

I am wondering if it is even possible to adopt any unschooling principles into our school year.  The kids had only a month off, and already there are constant arguments and whining for computer time and dvds (which we use in a pretty limited way), a sure indication that they have too much free time on their hands.  Along with a menu plan and some sort of vague schedule for our schooldays, I have an idea that we need to have a new chore chart drawn up.  If I keep them busy, they will have numerous ideas of what to do with their free time.  Actually, when it gets really bad, I force them outdoors, and they usually find something to do.

Dominic is in love with his bicycle, having just learned to handle his two-wheeler yesterday morning.  He is happy to go out to his bike any time I suggest it.  Adrian has been awful, draping himself over the arms of the sofa and whining, in that gravelly voice of his, about how there is nothing to do.  This, on two acres of countryside, in a house filled with craft supplies, art supplies, puzzles and games.  The older boys seem to just want to build models of things and then burn them down.

Gemma is going through the "I do it!" phase of toddlerhood.  It makes many things that were once quick and easy, tedious and slow.  Oh well...I try to remind myself that most of the time my rush is self-induced.

Gemma also has been learning to use her potty ("Pobby" as she pronounces it), and has been doing well about 50% of the time.  She is being paid in fruit gummies for a job well done.  And although again, I am not rushing her with this milestone, I sure would love to have her fully potty trained before the weather gets cold and there are many layers of clothing to peel off.  Right now she is usually okay in just a dress--panties optional.

Well, I'm off to round them up for rosary this evening.  I guess the checkbook and the butter will have to wait until tomorrow!


  1. Hillbilly wine ? Sounds interesting! What ingredients do you use for making this wine? Thank You!

  2. I use this recipe, with a caveat:
    DO use the best grape juice concentrate and stay away from the "cocktails". DO poke holes in the balloon for the gases to escape. DO siphon off the wine and leave the sediment after 6 weeks or so. The wine will be better if it can sit in a cool, dark place. And if you can get your hands on champagne yeast rather than bread yeast, I hear the results will be superior.

    With all that said, keep in mind that I drink this,and the cheap Italian table wines that are my preference, adulterated with cran-raspberry juice, or pomegranate juice!

  3. Like your Monday Musings, these types of posts are my favorite. Lovely post, lovely pictures... especially Gemma in the sunlight. God bless!


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