Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yarn Along--a quandary, a calamity and a tiny vest

I am back for another Yarn Along, hosted by Ginny of Small Things.  

I had intended to show you pictures of Adrian wearing the hooded tunic I had started for Gabriel and then decided it wouldn't fit, so made it for Adrian instead.  Well, I grabbed the sweater and Adrian, and he didn't like it.  Claimed it was too itchy.  Now, I find it soft, and it is more acrylic than wool.  The sleeves were a bit long, too, so I called Gabriel and had him try it on.  Wouldn't you know it: the body actually fit, and if I had made it and the sleeves long enough, it would have fit perfectly.  And Gabe doesn't find it itchy at all.  

So, what to do?  I am going to rip back the sleeves and maybe, if I find the guts, the bottom of the tunic, and add on to the length.  But not right now.  I worked on it long enough  to get rather tired of it.  And the yarn is a bear to rip back--rather fuzzy and wants to bind together.

 What I am working on now is a classic raglan for Dominic.  The wool is Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks, and hopefully not too itchy for Dominic.  I want to do stripes, and coming to my first stripe, I suddenly realized that I am knitting in the round and the stripes will jog at the beginning of each color change.  I know there must be a way to minimize this, as people do knit stripes in the round, right?  *sigh*  I have to do a bit of research today, but if you know, please do share...!

I am done with A Little Way of Homeschooling ( I loved it, by the way, and I highly recommend it, especially if you have been experiencing homeschool burnout), and I think we will finish our read-aloud, Redwall, this week.  I am not sure what we shall read next together.  I am considering Swallows and Amazons, but after the excitement and action of Redwall, the boys may find it not to their liking.  For myself, I am perusing Books Children Love (yes, yet another book of book lists!) and Drawing with Children.  Both look very good.

The little sweater was my instant-gratification project after the 5 weeks on the hooded tunic.  I needed to cast on something for the ride to-and-from Mass on Sunday (I hate to waste good knitting time!), and I am hoping to make a few articles of clothing for Gemma's baby doll as a Christmas gift.  I made this with scrap yarn and spare button from her pink summer sweater.  The pattern is on Ravelry here.

If you enjoy knitting and books, drop by Ginny's Yarn Along to find out who is knitting and reading what.  It is a great source of inspiration !


  1. I love the green yarns, very nice. And that doll vest is just adorable! There are ways to knit jogless stripes when knitting in the round, looky here for example:

    But each technique has advantages and disadvantages, I guess it is a matter of taste. I hope you will find a way you like =)

  2. Drawing with Children is one of my favorite books for teaching art and I just found out there is one for older children.
    I love the little doll sweater. I always have a bag to take when I am in the car since I don't want to waste good knitting time either.xx

  3. I found a tutorial on tech knitter, which explains jogless stripes in the round quite well (I think), but there are quite a few other tutorials out there:

    Love the colours you're using :)

  4. Adorable doll vest. I've been enjoying the Drawing with Children book too. Looking forward to trying art lessons this year.

  5. I love the doll's vest - it's so adorable. Good luck with the stripes for the sweater!

  6. i just bought that book too! i have one very art inclined little boy and a little gal who loves it too! i thought this would breathe some life into our hs'ing this year. the sweater looks great, i hope you find what to do with the tunic and it isn't too much work!


  7. So sad you have to rip out the knitting, not fun at all. But I think you will be very happy you fixed it the way you wanted it. I love the color!!

  8. I am still learning to art of knitting jogless but this tutorial looks good to me:

    I hope it helps.I have to say, too, how in love I am with your devotino to God. Beautiful!!!


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