Thursday, August 11, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}: 11 August 2011

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

Joining Leila at Like Mother, Like Daughter again for another edition of {pretty, happy, funny, real}:


You may or may not be with me on this one, depending on your personal feelings about frogs.  I happen to think this one a very attractive frog (subject courtesy of my son Gabriel).

A tidy learning room.

Adrian's Lego classroom.  He has never actually seen the inside of a classroom except on DVD or VHS.  I find it funny that my home schooled kids will "play school" and set up a makeshift classroom with desks in rows and a teacher up front at the board, as in this model.

The Patch O' Dirt Chariot Races.

Our coat tree finally collapsed under the weight of too many children's sweatshirts and summer jackets.

A Very Large Beetle.  Courtesy of Gabriel again, who most likely would have put it under the {pretty} heading with the frog.  He and I have concepts of beauty at odds with one another.

Now stop over at Like Mother, Like Daughter and see what {pretty, happy, funny real} things others have to show this week!


  1. Great photos! That is some beetle, not my idea of beauty either but certainly an amazing creature. Your learning space looks so bright and cheerful - I love the wall color.

  2. Your learning room is so inviting that it made me want to come over for a lesson myself!

  3. Your learning room looks so very cheery! The chariot races look grand. We love nature too, but I'm glad I live north of you, where I 'think' the beetles are smaller. yikes!

  4. Wow, I love this phfr post! Gorgeous sky! ahem...pretty critters ;) fun chariot races and lastly fantastic learning room! It looks so bright and cheery. I love all the natural sunlight you have in the room.

  5. That rocks! I LOOVE your learning room! Beautiful!!!!!!

  6. I adore your learning room, too! I bet lots of wonderful little light bulbs light up in there :)

    I like all the saints you put up on your side bar. Very nice and inspiring. Plus you know right away you are on a Catholic blog ;)

  7. Love the Lego school room. Too cute!

  8. Your learning room is SO cheerful! Also, I think the frog is lovely. :-)


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