Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Musings-1 August 2011

Right is 6:50, the sun is breaking through a bit of a mist, birds are chirping and one of our roosters, Bertram, is outside the window crowing his little heart out.  I love our roosters.  What is a farm without a rooster crowing away in the morning?  I am having a hard time shaking sleep this morning, as things have been waking me and keeping me up the last few nights.  Gemma waking from dreams and crying--sometimes twice in a night; the little boys sleeping on our bedroom floor--and talking in their sleep (sometimes shouting!); bug bites itching ferociously...and so forth.  Sleeping in is not an option.  I can't bear to wake up after my kids.  The time for prayer, reading and going on the computer is more vital to me than sleep!

This weekend...was quite pleasant.  On Saturday went out with Bret to milk (he will be gone an overnight some time this month to install another altar, and I will be milking that morning, so I needed a refresher course).  Then I came in and baked bread, worked on Dominic's birthday gifts and tried to spend a bit of time knitting.

Yesterday we had a lovely Mass with a homily from one of our newly ordained Deacons.  He was so good--he'll make a wonderful mission priest for the Fathers of Mercy.  Una went home with good friends of ours so that she could spend the night with her friend.  Having four younger brothers and a baby sister can be tough for a twelve year old girl, and homeschooling, and living in a rural area as we do, we have to make efforts to get her together with her friends.  The boys missed her last night and were disappointed that she forgot to call to say goodnight!

Some plans for this week:  There's a dental appointment for three of the kids tomorrow, but most of my plans revolve around preparing for Dominic's birthday.  I still have work to do on his gift(s), and I have to plan for his cake.  I also want to finish the sweater I have nearly done (kitchener stitch the hood and block it) and begin another sweater.  I have four months and four sweaters to go, and I am hoping to squeeze in a couple of baby projects for friends' babies, too!  Time to invest in some bulky yarn!

If I find some time for myself I hope to...accomplish what I have planned!

I am grateful for...good Catholic friends whose conversation is not just enjoyable, but edifying and uplifting.  I do wish I didn't live so far from the women whose conversation I delight in so very much!  I am also grateful for this period of relative good health and peace in my home.

Some prayer intentions for this week:  for Dominic's birthday, that it is a joyful and memorable affair for him; for Br. Ricardo, CPM, who has a birthday the same day; for guidance as I form my plans for the coming school year (we are taking this month off) and for some more work to come in for Bret.

Something that makes me smile: Thinking about how delighted Dominic will be with his presents!  That, and Una filling up pages of spiral bound notebooks with the story she is writing (she's been posting it on her blog in segments).  This is the Girl Who Would Not Write.  I couldn't even get her to journal without tears two years ago...

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  1. Friends are a good and necessary part of life! I'm glad that you have friends who edify and encourage you. I'm glad, too, that Una at this tender age has girl friends to spend time with.

    Love to read your musings! +JMJ+


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