Saturday, July 30, 2011

For my sister...

...whose birthday it is today!

I won't be seeing you today, but I send you a heart full of love and all my best wishes, the virtual gift of a very large tiramisu, a quiet spot in which to eat it, and a large spoon!

Happy, happy birthday!  I love you, little sister...


  1. How nice! I love my sister like crazy, too. So much fun to see the pictures of little Nadja! Happy birthday to your sister! +JMJ+

  2. Gorgeous photos Nadja! I love tiramisu. My mouth is watering. Hope your sister had a beautiful day. Jacinta x

  3. Nadja, thanks so much...I just read your post today (Tuesday) because Thomas clicked on your blog. Alas,no tiramisu this year, but lots of good Chinese food so I didn't have to cook. And thank you so much for the wonderful present...I hope to talk to you tomorrow.


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