Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yarn Along--stumble

I am joining Ginny at Small Things again for her weekly Yarn Along.

Bother!  I really ought to be done with the body of this thing and moving on to the sleeves and hood, but I had a slow start.  That and I am trying to spend a little time sewing up a skirt for Una (I purchased the fabric for it last summer!) and I can foresee more interruptions to my knitting time, as Gemma's birthday is next week and I will be trying to make a thing or two for her.

The pattern is the hooded sweater from Knitting Pure and Simple.  Intended for Gabriel, it now looks as if it is going to end up being Adrian's, in spite of my having taken the time to do the hated gauge swatch.  I don't know what happened, unless I am knitting tighter now than I did on the swatch.  Not a disaster, as Adrian is okay with it and Gabriel is resigned, but darn it, Gabe pretty much chose that pattern for himself and really liked the yarn colors, and me, I don't want to repeat myself (if I am spending six months knitting almost not-stop, I don't need the redundancy!).  I had a beautiful chocolate brown picked out for Adrian, the color of his eyes (all my kids have brown eyes, but Adrian's are the richest, most lovely brown of all).  Maybe this one will work for Dominic...

I have finally finished To Kill a Mockingbird, and am taking a non-fiction interlude until I decide what novel to pick up next.  Adventures in Orthodoxy is a light read, full of wry, Chestertonian observations.

Can't wait to see how everyone's knitting or crocheting is progressing this week!  If you enjoy knitting or crocheting and good books, stop by Ginny's!


  1. I am loving the sweater. Those colours are simply gorgeous. Sorry to hear it seems to be knitting differently than planned, especially as you knitted a swatch. I often have a hard time deciding on what novel to read next. Especially if I loved the previous book. Jacinta

  2. The sweater looks great! I'm always having that problem, although usually it's because I knit too slow so the child outgrows it before I can finish :)

  3. While I love the colors of the sweater, I'm very sorry that the yarn decided to revolt and turn out not the way you thought it would.

  4. That color yarn is gorgeous! You knit beautifully.

  5. That book looks does the sweater..although I can hardly breathe imaginging how warm it must be. It's 102 here today and I was just outside hanging the wool covers. I guess that is why I can't get Christmas knits done..I don't feel like knitting wool in summer!

  6. Oh the dilemma. Frogging it all would be heartbreaking. What a beautiful colour yarn. I'm sure that they will love all their sweaters. And there is always next year!!!


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