Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yarn Along--a hat for Japan and more

Back again for the fun of Ginny's weekly Yarn Along.  If you like to read and knit or crochet, you really must join in!

I haven't managed to knit more than 3 rows on a sleeve since getting back from the Mother-Daughter retreat on Sunday, this because Gemma has suddenly gotten it into her head to reject her bedtime routine.  Before I left, she would happily shout "Night-night!" to every one and wave like crazy as all the siblings shouted it back, and I would sing to her, say a prayer and put her to bed with her baby doll and pacifier.  Well, she did just fine without me all weekend, but now she screams in her crib until someone comes in and holds her until she falls asleep.  This was at 9:40 last night.  So, no knitting for me.

I did get my hat for Knit for Japan done this weekend (notes and pics of Gemma modeling the hat here), and I may just do one or two more if I have time, now that Gem is biting into my bit of knitting time!

As for reading, I am still reading the book on the miracles at Lourdes, which is nice reading for the month of May, a month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, but I picked up a few things on the $2 shelf at Casa Maria--the retreat house, among them these two books.  One is a catechism I think I will be using for the kids next year, with discussion points and questions.  It looks like I may be able to use it for the three oldest kids.  And the booklet here is going to be used this year for some morning readings.  Very inspirational stuff!  And a steal at only two dollars!

If by any chance you left a comment for my book giveaway last week, please be advised that Blogger (I say the word with a note of contempt, as I am still upset) kept me off my blog for at least 20 hours last week and deleted over a dozen comments left on that post.  I am redoing the giveaway and if you are interested in a free copy of The Invisible World (review here), please leave a comment here before midnight EST tomorrow.  I will announce the winner Friday sometime.

I am looking forward to seeing what everyone is up to.  Have you finished your hat for Knit for Japan yet?


  1. I'm sorry to hear of your bedtime woes. I hope she falls back into her rhythm soon.

    Lovely yarn for both of your projects. I'm a big fan of stripes myself and have a hard time resisting self-striping yarns :-)

    I've been reading about Knitting for Japan for the first time today as I hop around the Yarn Along blogs. Thank you for mentioning it so that others can join in.

    Best wishes!

  2. The cardigan you are knitting is lovely. I had a look at the hat picture. Gemma looks like a doll wearing it. Hope Gemma fall back into a peaceful bedtime routine soon and you can get some more knitting done.


  3. That Heroic Catholics book looks really interesting! Cool.

    And the hat is beautiful ...

    Enjoy ...

  4. Really lovely coral color. Pretty sweater.

  5. hi friend!! it's so lovely to see your pretty handknits! i am a bit envious as i've put all yarn and needles out of my life for a time. it's too tempting and i think i was trying to knit for all the wrong reasons. so sorry to hear about gemma the bedtime rebel. my fourth grade teacher used to annoyingly say "this too shall pass" about such things. but rest assured it will. sooner than later. just enjoy these moments as best as you can...a few days ago i just packed away a pink sweater a lot like that coral one you are knitting...and i remembered many things about the fussy baby who wore it...well, she is now almost 12!!! how did that happen? i have that same catechism book with Jesus on the cover...i might just pull it out andstart using it again...i really miss family catechism. it's been a while since we've done that. what with everyone running in about ten different directions these days! have a blessed week...we will chat soon. probably via snail mail though. xo.

  6. I love the hat! Those are some of my favorite colours!

  7. I'm also working on some hats for the hats for Japan project. Nice colors you're working with!

  8. Beautiful hat! I love seeing projects around the blog world that people are doing to support the earthquake/tsunami victims. Yesterday I saw photos of some moms in an evacuation area in Miyagi receiving baby blankets knitted by a group in England. One of the moms was holding the blanket to her cheek and just beaming. The people who receive those hats will be so blessed!

    On behalf of my beloved adopted country, thank you!


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