Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}: 12 May 2011

I am joining Rosie this week at Like Mother, Like Daughter for this today's {pretty, happy, funny, real}, and hoping you will be joining in, too!

Mary crowned for the month of May

Yes, I know it's laundry, but isn't it pretty?

Max, the former chicken-killer, now reformed, dozing in the sunshine.

Playing with colors.

I am not sure why her doll blanket is on her head.  A mantilla?  Medieval head gear?

This could go in {pretty} or {funny} just as easily--the robins who make their nest under the lid of our propane tank every year without fail...

Our woodpecker neighbor's favorite silver maple.  


  1. I agree-the laundry drying under the beautiful blue sky with all of the lush green in the background is pretty! I am looking forward to the rain stopping here so I can line dry our clothes.

  2. Oh, I wish our neighborhood allowed us to hang our laundry! We have birds who nest in our hanging baskets on the front porch. The last little one flew away yesterday. Gemma looks precious... as always! +JMJ+

  3. Oh clothes on the line! I hung diapers for a month earlier this year, but when it gets humid, they never dry and now we are heading in to thunderstorm weather, so, no hanging out until November!

    I do love the view of the land behind the clothesline....I do love that part of the country.

  4. What a lovely statue of Our Lady!

    I assume she had to resort to the doll blanket because all her other head coverings that matched her dress were in the wash... which is why she's doing laundry. Naturally.

    Thanks for linking up!

  5. What a beautiful statue of Our Mother and Child! It is so hard to find statues that are made well and aren't too sacchrine.

  6. I love laundry drying on the line photos. Truth be told all your photos are wonderful. So nice to have found you.

  7. Lovely photographs, Nadja! My favorite is the clothesline, and scenery behind it.
    We also have a robin's nest, but I don't know how many eggs - I read that it's usually four, so you have an extra!

  8. I love your pictures of the dog and the laundry. I can't get over how green the scenery is. I feel like I've almost forgotten what the color actually looks like in nature. I'm so ready to be out of the desert.


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