Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Musings--16 May 2011

Right is somewhat after 6:00 a.m. and I am mightily annoyed.  From Thursday afternoon until I left for our retreat on Friday mid-morning, Blogger was down.  I couldn't schedule a {this moment} post as I had wanted to, and furthermore, many comments from Wednesday's Yarn Along posts and Thursday's {pretty, happy, funny, real} post have disappeared without a trace.  This is a problem because I was to give away a copy of a book today.  I think I am going to have to do the giveaway over again--can't very well do it with only 3 comments (I would, if that is all the comments I had, but I know I had at least a dozen or more!).

I am really thinking of a switch to Wordpress, or maybe a private domain.  I am a bit worried about losing subscribers, but I blog primarily for myself and my family, so it wouldn't be the be-all and end-all for me.

This weekend...was very nice.  It is nice to have a friend who decides that the perfect birthday/Christmas gift for you is a retreat.  The drive down there is always chatty and fun, and I managed to finish a hat for Japan while on the road (with several stops, it is about a 6 hour drive to Casa Maria) and start one of the sleeves on Gemma's cardigan.  I had a hard time leaving Gemma, especially as she had developed a UTI the day before.  Lots of fluids and vitamin C did the trick, and Friday morning she showed no sign of discomfort, and I left instructions to keep the treatment going (and phoned in frequent reminders!)

It was lovely to see the sisters again (I have been down there 4 times now), and the conferences and Masses were wonderful.  Una was saddened that one of her friends who was supposed to go down with her mother could not be there (her little brother is being treated for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever), but she was able to make a new friend of one of the girls down there, and hopes she will have a new pen-pal.

As much as I enjoy being there with all the delightful sisters and not having to cook or clean for a couple of days, by Sunday I am always ready to go home to my babies.  Listening to Gemma say "Hi Mama" on the phone just made my heart ache, and I was so happy when Bret and the kids picked us up in Franklin, KY last night.  They had had a good weekend, too.  Bret had taken them to the Mennonite community to pick up feed on Friday, to the Science Museum and Fort Negley in Nashville on Saturday, and to Mass on Sunday. He even ventured to bake cookies on Sunday, and the boys were impressed that they turned out great!

Some plans for the week...include getting back into the routine around here; planning to celebrate Sebastian's birthday on Tuesday, since it was actually yesterday; making a meal list in preparation for my menu planning; making some decisions on next year's curriculum and finishing Gemma's cardigan (that may be ambitious...).  I also need to do a re-post for the book giveaway.

If I find some time for myself, I would like to...cast on another hat (whether for Japan or one of my own, I don't know) and look into how tricky it is to switch blog domains without losing things in the move.

This week I am praying for...happy test results for my friend's little boy (the one being treated for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever); for our young friend Philip Anthony, as he makes his First Holy Communion this coming Sunday; for spiritual healing for a friend who has had too many miscarriages; for work to continue safely and at a good pace on our new home (the block work is almost finished!); for work in between house construction for Bret, and for the sale of my sister's old house and my friends' farm.

Something that makes me smile (besides being home with all my ducklings!):  Cheap thrills--the kids' homemade waterslide.  This is the picture I was going to post for {this moment} on Friday.
Feel free to grab the header image if you would like to join in with your own Monday Musings.  You can leave a link to your post in the comments--if Blogger doesn't mess it up!

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  1. I am so glad that you had a nice weekend and all was well on the homefront! I thought about you and Gemma all weekend and prayed for you both each time you popped into my mind!

    I will pray for your friend. I have had six miscarriages. It never gets any easier. I hope she has other children... they do help you get through.

    God bless!


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