Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yarn Along--Tea Time Again

I am joining Ginny again for her weekly Yarn Along.  And I have started  a Tiny Tea Leaves again.  The pattern is so charming, and when I discovered, looking at Gemma's spring and summer wardrobe, that she had not one single nice cardigan worthy of all the pretty dresses hanging in the closet, I thought it must be remedied. But I have started it with this Plymouth Farms Suri Merino in a pretty pink that reminds me of the pink dogwood blossoms blooming everywhere right now, and seem to have forgotten that this is a worsted and not a dk weight.  Ooops.  She doesn't need another sweater for next year, but one for right now.  So...I either frog it at this point and use the yarn with a different pattern, or else I set it aside on scrap yarn and go back to it in another year or so.  Ugh...why doesn't every pattern automatically come with a conversion chart for different weight yarns?  In an ideal world, eh?

As for reading, I am still reading In Conversation with God in the early mornings, but have taken a break from The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ in order to read this book, The Invisible World, which was sent to me by its author, Anthony DeStefano, with the request that I review it, which I hope to do soon. It is a fascinating topic and a very easy read, but I will have more to say about it when I am done.

Ginny announced that her Yarn Along will be late today, so no peeking at every one else's projects until later! I guess it will be better for me not to have the temptation until school and chores are done!

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