Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Musings--18 April 2011

Right is 6:15.  The house is fairly quiet, although Bret is sitting with me having his morning coffee, and Adrian, too, is up--sort of.  He isn't fully awake yet.

This weekend...was such a relief.  Gemma is so much better, and we are all relishing her humorous antics again.  The past four nights she has done what she has never done before:  slept through the night without waking.  On Friday I baked bread and then had a birthday cake fail.  I don't know what happened, but my cake rose beautifully and then went kerplop and shrunk a few inches.  So on Saturday morning I grabbed a yellow cake mix and made another cake, three layers with chocolate frosting.  We celebrated Una's birthday a week early, as her birthday falls the day before Easter this year, and the weekend after Easter Gabriel will have his first Holy Communion and a party afterwards.  Una loved her gifts and will likely do a post on her birthday celebration later today.

Yesterday was a beautiful Palm Sunday.  The weather was fine and breezy, and Mass at the Fathers of Mercy was quite lovely.  I had a good confession, and so did the kids.  Gemma was a bit of a pill, being nearly two and willful, but I will take that over a sick, docile baby any day!

Some plans for this week:  no school was done last week at all because of the daily visits to Gemma's doctor.  So we need to do some work this week.  I want to focus on Christ's passion and use my readings from In Conversation with God as the basis for my chats with the children.  Tomorrow Dominic and Gemma go to the ENT for a check-up.  No school will get done then either, and since we will be out of the house, we will make a last-ditch effort to find nice Easter shoes for Una.  Her feet keep growing and she is now in a women's 7.5-8, and I just cannot bring myself to spend $40-$50 on a pair of shoes that may not fit her for more than 6 months and which cannot be passed down (unless I hang on to them for 10 years, and who knows if Gemma will have the same size feet?)  It is a biannual source of frustration.

 I have a lot of housework to do as well, as the house suffered neglect all last week, too, and I have some Easter cards to write and mail out.  I am hoping to dye eggs and bake cookies.  Oh, and I need to get some tomato plants and herbs into the beds.

If I find some time to myself, I would like to:  knit another Tiny Tea Leaves for Gemma (one that will fit her now), and work on something to put in the Etsy shop.

Some prayer intentions for the week:  Lord, just help me pull everything together for Gabriel's First Holy Communion party!  I am not very good at social event planning, and there is so much involved.  Gabriel is prepared--probably better prepared than Sebastian was, but I am better at teaching the Faith than I am at planning a party.  And of course I am praying that we will have a holy Triduum and happy Easter.

Something that makes me smile:  this little monkey, Madeline Therese!

If you would like to join in with your own musings, feel free to grab the header image for your post, then link back here and let me know in the comments.  Have a blessed week!

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