Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yarn Along--Plum Tea

Joining Ginny again for her Yarn Along this week.
I finally have the Tiny Tea Leaves finished and blocked details are on Ravelry).  It is big on Gemma right now, so I sadly can't have her model it, but it ought to fit her with room grow come next winter.  I am very happy with it, and I only wish that I had run the buttons all the way down the front instead of doing only the two--fine for a spring sweater, but I prefer that a winter one button all the way.

I am making progress with the shawl, too, although it has slowed quite a bit with over two hundred stitches on the needles. I have one last ball of Noro Silk Garden, which will add only a couple of inches to the shawl.  I wish I knew how to crochet a nice edge, but I haven't yet added crochet to my yarn-skills.

I have a bunch of pretty yarn recently added to my stash, and I am perusing patterns for my next project!

Reading is geared toward Lent right now.  Along with my daily morning reads (My Daily Catholic Bible and In Conversation with God), I am adding Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts and Anne Catherine Emmerich's The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  I read it a couple of years ago, but am ready to re-read it.

I look forward to peeking at the blogs this evening to see what everyone is up to this week!

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