Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Musings--7 March 2011

Right is 3:30 p.m., gray and chilly outside, but we aren't going anywhere.  Last night Dominic had a temperature in the middle of the night, and then this morning Adrian developed one, too.  Today Dominic's went up to 102 degrees and Adrian's to 102.4.  I am grateful that there are no other real symptoms to talk about; they are listless, feeling heavy-headed and lacking appetites, but other than that, nothing.  No aches, no pains, no vomiting.  Just a lot of lying about and dozing off.  It has made for a quiet day of school.

This morning I completed an order with  They have free shipping with orders over $49 for the rest of this month.  On the shopping list:  more liquid iron for the little boys, especially Adrian, who seems to get sleepy and lethargic every spring.  I also ordered Hyland's Insomnia, and their Bioplasma Cell Salts.  

This weekend was...not memorable.  I really can't think of anything much to say about the weekend.  I did manage to finish the cardigan I am knitting and get it blocked.  Other than that, the weekend was filled up with very ordinary tasks.

Some plans for this week:  Lent begins.  I will be making a list of house-cleaning chores so that my spring cleaning will hopefully be done by Easter.  Last year I didn't get too far with this, but the older kids are growing ever more capable and Gemma is more easily entertained by them, so I am hoping to do a bit better.
We will have to see how things go with this latest round of illness. 

If I find some time for myself...I want to continue working on my shawl, and start another project for Una.  I found a pattern I love, but it is for a woman's extra-small and knit with DK yarn, and I need to use worsted and make it for an adolescent.  I don't quite trust my math skills, but I might do a dreaded gauge swatch and try to work out a conversion...

Prayer intentions for this week:  prayers for the health and spiritual blessings of my niece Mariana, who will be one on Tuesday, and for Andrew, the oldest son of my dear friend Cindy, whose birthday is today.  I am also praying for a good Lent.  This is the thing:  if we do Lent "well", we may be puffed up about it and not really gain anything spiritually.  So a good Lent is necessarily full of failures and humiliations. How "well" we do it depends on how accepting we are of these mortifications.  And I am praying that my little boys will be well again soon.

Something that makes me smile keeps me from smiling much today:

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  1. I am sorry to hear you boys are sick! I will offer my prayers tonight for them.


  2. Aw, poor little guys. We are making a day trip to visit my dad's grave site next week, so I think we will take the week off and do our spring cleaning. We really have not taken any time off this school year except at Christmas and the occasional day here and there. I like your perspective on Lent... as a perfectionist who likes to beat myself up when I fail, I will try to remember your words here! God bless you all! +JMJ+

  3. So sad to see them like that :((((

  4. Beautiful post. I thought of the words from Donovan's music in the film of Saint Francis, 'Brother Sun, sister Moon'.

    If you want to live life well,
    Take your time go slowly.
    Do few things but do them well...

    Wishing you a very 'good' Lent.

    Sending oceans of Love to your precious babes & you.

    Katie x


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