Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yarn Along--knitting for peace of soul

I managed to finish Gemma's vest on Sunday (post is below), and I abandoned the sock project.  I found that I really need to sit down with this book first and go step-by-step, maybe watching a couple of YouTube videos for the sticky bits, and I also figured it would be best to start with a sock I can knit in worsted weight, as fingering weight yarn is new to me, and all those itty bitty stitches are maddening when you don't know what you are doing in the first place.

So I am finally picking up the Milo pattern and trying it out with worsted weight Chroma from Knit Picks in the Prism colorway.  I am using directions for the 12 month, knitting with a size 6 needle and hoping to get something that will fit a 2 year old.  As I have said here before, I try to avoid gauge swatches whenever I can!

The Milo is what I will take with me to the hospital tomorrow morning when Dominic and I go in for his ear-tube/ adenoid surgery.  I will take my knitting, my rosary, my Hyland's Nerve Tonic and this booklet, in case I need something a bit more distracting while I wait for Dominic.  Seriously, I am more tense than he is, not about the surgery itself, really--just the question of is it really necessary.  Ear tubes, yeah, probably, as he has fluid in his ears that isn't going anywhere and is affecting his hearing.  But the adenoids?  He's a mouth breather--as are most of my kids, like their mom--but he doesn't snore.  I ought to know, as he comes into our room to sleep every blessed night.  Anyway, doubt, worry, guilt and exhaustion are the 4 chronic diseases of motherhood, eh?

Looking forward to catching up with everyone's knitting and reading later today on Ginny's weekly Yarn Along.  Like to read and knit or crochet?  Join the fun!

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