Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yarn Along--elephant and mouse

Another Yarn Along with much fun, and such an incentive to keep reading and knitting!

You may note that my projects are not what I had planned to cast on last week.  This is frequently the case with me.  Too many to choose from!  Still, I really ought to get going on that merino vest for Una.

So funny.  I had this lovely Araucania Nature Cotton in both pink and orange colorways, and decided to combine them to make an very bulky yarn and do up one of these vests for Gemma.  I love the feel of cotton, but I had forgotten how little I like knitting with it.  Makes for achy hands after a while.  So what do I do for my next project?  I cast on toddler socks, knitting with fingering yarn for the first time!  I don't usually wear reading glasses, but I have a couple of pairs I keep around for minuscule print and getting tiny splinters out of fingers and such, and I definitely need them for knitting with size 2 needles!

As for reading, still on my Lenten reading, The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  That is in addition to my usual morning Bible reading and In Conversation with God, so there isn't a lot of reading time left.  Not with all the knitting!  I am, however, reading from this Handbook of Nature Study.  I think I need to keep it out where we can read a selection from it daily.  What a marvelous book!  Why didn't I get it years ago when Una was in Kindergarten?!!
Sorry about the fuzzy photo...

If you love yarn and books, and you haven't joined in already, do!  It's been really fun...

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