Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Musings--3 January 2011

Right now...1:42 and nearly done with school for the day, but for writing and science.  It hasn't been as awful as I had anticipated!  It's sunny outside, but quite cold, so I will likely not have the kids out of the house today.

This weekend...was rather relaxing.  We didn't go anywhere on Friday or Saturday, so I just worked on tidying up the disaster area in my workroom.  There really isn't much to say about Friday and Saturday.  The kids watched some DVDs and played board games and took baths and ate cookies with hot cocoa for their snacks.  I know I should have been working out a school schedule and figuring out a menu for the week, but I couldn't bring myself to do it!  I wanted to savor the last days of vacation before getting back into the thick of it.  And thick it will be--we are a few weeks behind my plan for the year!  Luckily, since we only take a 4-6 week break in the summer time, we will be able to make it up.

Yesterday we went to Mass at the Fathers of Mercy, and it was nice to have all the seminarians and many of the priests home for the Christmas season.  At home I spent time knitting and watched a couple of DVDs with the kids, gifts from friends.  I love the old 1955 version of The Miracle of Marcelino.  

Some plans for the week:  School.  Shudder.  Isn't it awful that I feel worse than my kids at the prospect of school?  After all, I am a homeschooling mom, and I have chosen this path for my children and myself, right?  Well, not entirely so...I don't feel it was a choice, given that I can't afford the kind of school I would want for my kids, and in truth, I really would hate to have them away from me all day.  But trying to cover all the bases, keep on track and make sure that they are getting what they ought is really hard for me.  I may be pretty good at organizing my time, but paperwork is another matter.  My filing system is an inbox with no outboxes.  I can never find any important paper when I need it.  All this responsibility frankly gives me the heebie-jeebies!

Other plans include slowly putting away the Christmas decor, jotting down some creative ideas for an Etsy shop, and putting a few things on eBay or Craigslist for sale.

If I find some time for myself, I want to...cast on for a sweater (I am doing something like the sixth hat in a row this winter, and I am getting rather tired of hats).  I also want to start working on some little sketch books and journals for a future Etsy shop.

Special prayer intentions for this week:  For our friend April and her family, who were supposed to host an Epiphany Party on Sunday, but had to cancel at the last minute due to a nasty intestinal bug hitting a few of her kids.  For employment for Bret, smooth sailing in our return to school, a buyer for my sister's house and health and an increase in faith and trust in God in the year ahead.

Something that makes me smile:  This little pink confection, whom I will be homeschooling until I am 64...God willing and my nerves hold out!

Care to join in with your own plans for the week and such?  Grab the header image and then leave the link to your post in the comments.  Have a blessed week!


  1. I love your blog! I can relate to how you frustrated you can feel when homeschooling. I have only 2 children but have schooled them the whole way. My son is in grade 10 and my daughter has completed 1st year university doing a bachelor of science and tomorrow is going into a real university to finish off her studies. She has never been in school so this will be a huge change for her.
    Hang in there for the rewards out weigh the problems and frustration you are feeling right now. I have had some pretty rough days but now when I look back and see how secure my kids are I realize that the stress I went through is well worth it.

    God Bless and I will be coming back to read more.

    In Him,

  2. I am glad you've had a good day. Our first day back went better than expected. Gemma is adorable... really! Oh, and I will be homeschooling Marin until I am 63, God willing! Yikes is all I know to say to that! Prayers, Nadja. ~~Annita

  3. Today was my dd's first day back to school after the holidays, brick and mortar though after years and years of homeschooling.


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