Friday, December 3, 2010

Fighting the chill

I am not happy with the repairman Bret called this morning.  Our heat pump went out some time last night, and Bret called a repair place this morning.  We were told someone would be out to fix it "this morning."  It is now 2:02 p.m.  No sight of a repairman, and Bret failed to leave me the phone number of the place he called, and left to run errands.  We are among the last handful of folks in the Western world not to have cell phones.  So I am stuck waiting.

Luckily we do have wall propane heaters (purchased to deal with our numerous power outages), and we have been able to keep the temperature at about 64 degrees in the public rooms.  Still a bit chilly, but for that there is the Irish Cure:

Ah, yes...the Irish certainly know how to stave off a chill...


  1. Your are talking to an Irish (Italian) girl! ;) Stay warm! Oh, and John is still sitting with me, and he says you are pretty! (He is only six, but appreciates a pretty lady!)

  2. i am in that handful with you....and holding on tight! my mom has been pressuring me a bit lately to get a phone *for emergencies*. that's how it starts, right? ;)

  3. is that coffee or tea? well i've both is helpful for Weight Loss


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