Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Strange weather at Patch O' Dirt Farm

Taken at about 6:40 this morning.  It was 75 degrees, with high winds--gusts of 25 to 35 mph.


  1. LUV strange weather, it's exciting.

    That picture is amazing. So great that you caught it!

  2. That is beautiful!! I think I slept through mine this morning :).

    Hope and pray y'all are okay with the weather down there. TN has gotten hit pretty hard the last few years.

  3. awesome picture!! it is really windy here in colorado too.

    what kind of needles are you using for your leg warmers? round or double pointed?

    and would bret be interested in making another wooden teether fish like he made last year for your little one? saw one at Nova, i would rather pay bret...

  4. Hi Deb!

    I use dpns on small things, and I actually prefer them to rounds on smaller items.

    I'll ask Bret about the fish teether...we have a number of pregnant friends right now, so maybe he ought to make a whole batch of them!

  5. i love. love. love. this pic. that sky is scrumptious!


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