Friday, October 15, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday--volume 101

Last Friday, without my paying attention, I hit the 1000 Posts mark!  See what can be accomplished when one's verbal blather is put into print!

I love autumn.  Hanging out the laundry becomes my favorite chore.  Some days I am so busy that it is the only time I get outdoors to enjoy the fine weather.  Spring is lovely, too, but I have terrible hay-fever, which really spoils things (hard to hang laundry when your nose won't stop running!)

I fell away from my menu plan, and the kids ate oatmeal for dinner one night this week, and sandwiches on another night.  I had better get back on track starting this weekend!  

Still on the subject of food, we need to get some laying hens here.  Our six older hens are laying only erratically now, and the three younger ones are not yet producing daily.  And our six--count 'em--six roosters aren't laying any eggs at all, naturally.  They are going to market tomorrow if we can make it.  Maybe we can trade four roosters for a couple of hens.  It goes against my grain to live on a farm, own chickens and buy eggs!

Gemma has entered the shrieking phase full-force.  She shrieks for everything:  when she is happy, when she is angry, when she is impatient, when she wants to be picked up, when she doesn't want to be picked up, and so forth.  I know this will pass--I've been through it five times before.  But one cannot get used to it.  It is like trying to get used to having a knitting needle jabbed into one's temple.

On a serious note, my nephew, Matthew, who has Asperger's Syndrome and pretty severe OCD has been going through a real rough spot.  It could be that the onset of puberty is making everything worse, but suddenly his meds are not working and he is suffering more than ever from anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and obsessive-compulsive behaviors.  The doctor is changing his medication, but it will take some time to begin working, if it works at all.  His behavior is such that the whole household is turned upside down by it, and my poor sister is very much at the end of her rope.  Please pray for her family, and especially for Matthew.  

Today is the feast of the incomparable St. Teresa of Avila.  She is amazing on so many levels, but what I most appreciate in her is her earthy spirituality.  Sounds like a paradox, doesn't it?  But hers is the spirituality that recognizes who and what we are, and how much work on our part and grace on God's part must go into our journey towards perfection.  

Have a great weekend!  You can find more Seven Quick Takes on Jennifer's Conversion Diary.

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  1. #5: no, you do not ever get used to it. And sometimes "this, too shall pass" seems like nothing but platitudes! I have two who are in that stage now--and my daughter, who has Down's, has been in it for over a year already. She passes through stages very slowly, and she's teaching her baby brother to do the same. Can I pull my hair out?


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