Thursday, October 21, 2010

No use cryin'...

...over spilled milk, but may I whine a bit?  Bret made an effort to get two gallons of milk this morning by milking our second cow, Naomi, who is not quite as easy to milk as Nuala.  I, carrying the gallon milk jars out to the fridge in his shop, nearly tripped over Max, banged the jars together and cracked a jar.  A moment later, a big chunk of the jar fell out and there I stood, with one jar of milk, one empty jar, and milk all over my skirt and shoes (I seriously considered having Bret grab the camera so that I could shoot my soggy self, but I figured he might be irritated enough).

Today is a dairy day.  I have butter churned and milk is cooling for our yogurt.
 Gemma feeding herself some yogurt.  Well, sort of...

 In addition, I have a pot of pintos simmering on the stove and I also plan to start a batch of bread dough to put in the fridge for tomorrow.  But we need to finish school first.

And before I can do that, I have to find my kids, who wandered outside into the autumn sunshine.  Where my kids at...?


  1. I also wonder where mine go on these fall mornings. It seems if I turn my back for one second they're out in the barn loft, or riding their bikes, or somewhere. And forget school if an egg or milk customer shows up... they sneak off instantly!

  2. You have a wonderful life, Nadja. My 17 y/o daughter would thrive living the "farm life." She likes to look at your blog, too. +JMJ+

  3. It's an epidemic!!! I had two gallons, one to make yogurt with, in the fridge. One clanked against another and it broke, spilling out underneath the fridge and stove. If you ever wonder whether you should pull those two appliances out and clean underneath, believe me you are better off not knowing what lives under there.


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