Thursday, October 21, 2010

As voting time approaches--a wake-up call to Catholics

There is a very good post on the Courageous Priest blog entitled, Oh Stupid Catholics, Who Has Bewitched You?  If you are Catholic, do read it and pass it on. 
[Thank you, Marilyn, for emailing me the link]


  1. well, i'm not catholic...however, i agree with this priest's viewpoint on the sanctity of human life.

  2. Is that the Marilyn from "Enjoy the Journey"? If so , I have been trying to find a way to be approved for her blog...I lost it when she went private! Could you give her my email addres? I would like to ask to be approved. I really miss her blog and am dying to know what is happening with them. Thanks!

  3. Karla, you can send me your email and I will pass it on to her. Your profile page doesn't have yours!


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