Friday, September 24, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday--volume 98

Gemma's over-active bowels have normalized.  I am sticking with rice milk for a few more days, and then I will go back to our raw Jersey milk and see what happens.  I am really uncertain as to whether milk is the problem, as she still eats yogurt, cheese and cottage cheese without a problem.  It is nice to have her back in cloth diapers, as convenient as the others are.  

My blood work came back with only signs of mild anemia, so of course they want to investigate that further, since, omigosh, it could be a sign of some greater evil lurking in my body.  I am a bit surprised at the results, as I always thought we ate way too much meat in this family anyway, but on second thought, I cook a lot of meat, but I can't really say that I eat a lot.  Last night, for instance, I served myself one chicken breast, cutting up a bit of it for Gemma.  I took a few bites and then Dominic asked for more chicken, and I gave him the rest of mine.  Time to thaw out some grass-fed beef liver.  No one wants to share that with me!

Cooler weather is finally expected for this weekend, along with a chance of rain.  I am thrilled about the cooler weather; less so about the rain, although we could use it.  Today will still be around 90 degrees, but it will drop to the 70's. This will be perfect walk-about weather for Harvest Days at the Nashville Zoo this weekend, if the rain holds off.  Today will still be too hot for us, tomorrow Una and Sebastian start a bi-monthly art class at the Allen County Library, and so we will be going on Sunday after Mass.

My carpets and upholstery are grossing me out.  Eight years and six kids on a farm have done them in.  

Big plans to make several loaves of banana bread for the freezer this morning, and I am all out of All Purpose flour.  How did that happen?  Looks like it's blueberry muffins from a mix and yogurt for breakfast...

Will some accomplished knitter please take a look at this pattern for me?  It's quite simple--other than at the start when one has to start a round from 6 stitches on 3 needles.  But I am obviously getting something wrong: when I knit it up, I end up with the smooth (stockinette) side of the knitting on the inside, requiring me to turn it right-side-out when it comes to where I stuff the ball.  Then were I to continue, I end up with my knitting all backwards and wonky.  I must be doing something wrong at the start...


We had B Week this week for the littlest guys, and had great fun with a "B Hunt"!  We borrowed Gemma's little wagon and put a box in it for all the B things.  Of course, Gemma saw her wagon and wanted a ride, which worked out all right, since she is still a baby.  Other items gathered: bottle, ball, bear, blanket, book, Bible, binder, brush, bag, block, boat, bread, bun, bat, balloon, button, boat, bow, boot, bandanna, banana, and brachiosaurus.

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  1. That is one cute scavenger hunt find!

  2. I love your "B" hunt!

    We went 7 years in our old house & never shampooed the carpets or took our shoes off. Nothing like being on a farm (I grew up on a hot/cattle farm, so believe me I know!), but when we got ready to sell, the realtor said "the carpet has to go." We didn't want to spend the $$ so we rented a Rug Doctor first. The results were jaw-dropping.

    In our new house, we shampoo 2ce a year (at least in theory), and we don't wear shoes. Except for my daughter, who needs the custom support, but that's another story...

    Not that any of this has anything to do with your carpets. It just made me think of it. :)

  3. I love that picture! Please follow-up with the doctors... I am continuing to offer prayers for you, my friend! +JMJ+


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