Thursday, September 23, 2010

Autumn is coming

Just not yet.  Yesterday's high here was 96 degrees, so it isn't exactly time for tea and woolly things just yet.  The kids are enjoying the last days of splashing around in the kiddie-pool and playing with the hose,

Adrian is in reptile-heaven with his newly-found friend (for whom Mama has been digging up worms from her herb bed),

Miss Gemmie-Bean is just toddling about and charming everyone with her feminine wiles.  She will stroke her brother's hair, cock her head to the side sweetly--and then try to take his cup or snack from him!  Also--and this is of note--last night, at the age of 14 months and nine days, Gemma finally slept through the night!  I got 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep!


  1. Yeah, we're still swimming every afternoon here as well! John likes the photos of the turtle, and he said the last picture looks like him and Marin! She cocks her head, too... hard to resist! Any news about your blood work? Glad you got some uninterrupted sleep!


  2. LOL, I love the turtle!! IS it a box turtle? (I'm no reptile expert, so I have no idea).

    I had a pet turtle for two days when I was 6 years old (captured from the backyard). I tried, unsuccessfully, to feed it lettuce and kiwi fruit before finally letting him go. I've never seen a turtle move so fast; he could've kept up with the hare.

    If only I'd known about worms then!

    Enjoy the 96 degree weather. It's in the low 50's up here and I'm freezing.

  3. Holy Cow! 96 degrees! I don't like the back and forth from cold to hot and vice versa during the change in seasons but I'm glad it hasn't gotten any higher than 85 around here.

    Cute little turtle and cute baby girl.


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